Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests Guide – How to Complete, Locations

Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about completing subquests for earning some more XP and Gold.

In this Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests Guide, we will guide you through various side quests that you can complete in Divinity Original Sin 2. Divinity Original Sin 2 is a turn-based RPG and it offers plenty of extra content that you can complete while playing the game’s main story.

These Divinity Original Sin 2 side quests are a great way to earn more experience and gold. We have listed all the side quests with detailed instructions of where you can find these quests, how to start them and what you need to do to complete all of them in our Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests Guide.

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests

Divinity Original 2 Side Quests Guide details everything that you need to know about Side Quests in Divinity: Original Sin 2.

Side Quests

Side quests in RPGs are necessary which could be related to the main quests in some regard and this Divinity Original Sin 2 side quests guide will help you with all the side quests so that players will be able to complete them and reap the benefits.

The Collar

For this quest, you need to be level 3 or higher. To start this quest, talk with Thola. She is located in Fort Joy Camp Kitchen. Access the Kitchen by using the hatch. She will task you with fighting in the arena. In the arena, you should stick with using water and ice spells as the enemy will be using fire too much so water and ice will counter it. Avoid the various oil patches spread in the arena too.


Once you are done with the fight, head to Nebora and take a collar of your choice off. Find Nebora on the east side of the town near the campfire. Nebora will be impressed by your victory. Before you complete this quest, two things that you must be careful about is that if you do not take the collar off and the Magisters see you, they will take you to prison.

You can either sneak around them or attack them. Attacking them yields more experience and loot. Second thing is that if your party has Ifan in it, before completing the quest, talk with Magisters Borris.

The Shakedown

Find Ifan trying to defend an elf named Elodi. Here you have three choices. Scare off the things, fight them and side with thugs. Each has their own consequences and results. Scaring them off will result in Ifan joining you on your journey, fighting them will make Ifan and the Elf running off to the cave located south while siding with thugs will make Ifan your enemy. Choose whatever option to your liking.

Every Mother’s Nightmare

This is a short quest. Speak with Fara to get the doll to find her daughter. Afterwards, speak with Jeth to learn the truth that her daughter Erma has died but her mother is in denial. Speak with Fara again and tell her what you have learned. She will not believe you but the quest will complete.

The Teleporter

For this quest, you must be level 4 and all other quests in the area must be complete. To begin, arrive at the beach and kill all the crocodiles that you see. Once done, find the Teleportation Gloves. Once found, head back to Fort Joy Ghetto and find Gawin. Speak with him to have him mark the alcove on your map.

Once done, head to the marker. Here reach the cliff’s edge and teleport the chest near you to loot it. Inside it, you will find Spontaneous Combustion Skillbook. After this, you need to teleport Gawin down on the rocks below and near the torch. Once done, attack the tree trunk near you. It will leave behind a hole, enter it and drop down. Once you are in it, The Vault of Braccus rex will initiate. To progress Fort Joy, simply enter the Cavern Hole.

The Imprisoned Elf

For this quest, you need to find out who stole the Camp Boss Griff’s oranges. Talk with him to start the quest, he will tell you that he suspects Amryo. Head south down the Fort Joy Beach to find out the truth. Talk with Stingtail and convince him to give the oranges back. GO back to Griff and give him the oranges. Reveal Stingtail’s identity or hide it. It is up to you. If you tell it, they will not do anything, refusing will result in a fight. Kill them all to find some good loot.

Unlocking Amryo’s cage will start another side quest Saheila’s Signet, which cannot be completed at the moment.

The Vault of Braccus Rex

The Vault of Braccus Rex is a cave that you need to explore thoroughly. To access it, you can complete the side quest The Teleporter, it will leave you at the start point of this Quest when you locate the journal on a dead body. Once you have access to the cave, explore it thoroughly, kill all enemies encountered and reach the Mysterious room ahead in the cave.

When you are talking about the statue, choose 1 and 2 options respectively for both questions. Continue ahead fighting enemies and looting objects. Reach the final room and loot everything.

If you manage to complete Braccus Rex’s Collection, you will unlock The Cursed Ring Quest and picking up the Heart of the Tyrant will start Artefacts of the Tyrant Quest. In addition, you might want to avoid the soul jars as well as they are the part of The Eternal Worshipper Quest.

Finding Emmie

You need to find a dog in this Quest. You also get this quest from a dog named Buddy. For this Quest, you need to have at least one character with the Pet Pal talent so you can interact with Buddy to start the quest. You also need to take Buddy’s Key, which he digs out for you. Emmie is located inside Houndmaster’s Room in Fort Joy Prison. It opens with Buddy’s key so do not forget to take it with you. Once there, you will either calm the dogs down or fight them if they attack you.

For getting Emmie out Alive, tell her that Buddy misses her. Again, you will need Pet Pal talent for this. Emmie will be united with Buddy peacefully. If the dogs attack you, you will need to kill all including Emmie.

We will continue to add more side quests in our guide in due time so make sure you check back soon to see more side quests added in our Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests Guide.

This concludes our Divinity Original Sin 2 Side Quests Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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