Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Class Guide – Rogue Builds, Best Races, Attributes, Abilities, and Talents

Divinity Original Sin 2 features quite a few classes for players to choose from which is normal for an RPG title and Rogue class is one of them and this Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue class guide will help you with the best build, best skills, all the attributes and more.

The Rogue class combines endurance with high agility so you can fight in close quarters effectively. Good positioning is almost equally as important as quick reactions. This Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Class Guide tells you how you can utilize this class for the maximum effect. Read on to find out how you can deal critical hits more often and what the best strategy to employ is!

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Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Class Guide

In this Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Class Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about playing as the Class, how to build it, its Abilities, Attributes, and Talents.

Rogue Class

Divinity Original Sin 2 offers players deep RPG mechanics that play a significant role in the players’ battle against the evil and this guide will detail all the things that players should know about the Rogue class like its skills, attributes, and best build so that players can fully utilize their character.

Divinity Original Sin 2 – Rogue Class Attributes

Finesse is buffed by +2 points and it will give you the Dexterity required to deal some serious single target damage, especially if you scale your tools to this Attribute.

Wits is buffed by +1 to provide you a high initiative modifier so you have better positioning during fights.

Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Class Abilities and Talent

Scoundrel Ability
This allows you to deal critical strikes with greater severity so it is a good skill to scale up for those important one-on-one fights.

Thievery Ability
Thievery Ability allows you to open locks and pocket yourself. Additional points increase the number of items that you can steal.

Dual Wielding Ability
This allows you to deal damage with 2 daggers bonus damage, can be a good ability to level up depending on the situation.

Back Stab Talent
You can backstab enemies using a dagger and knives.

Starting Abilities

Throwing Knife
Throwing Knife allows you to absorb the opponent’s vital forces and works even better on enemies that have their backs turned on you.

Adrenaline allows you to borrow a few points of action from your next turn so that you can take a better position or hit a weakened opponent.

Backlash lets you jump to the target and backstab them. This is very good because it only consumes 1 AP.

Best Race for Rogue

The Dwarf and the Lizard are completely useless and have no disposition to the Rogue Class. Avoid using them at all cost as they will be extremely difficult to use. The Human race works a little better due to the high initiative which allows you better positioning.

Once again, the best class for the Rogue class is the Elf due to its passive bonus to finesse which allows you a decent early game. You only need to develop vitality and initiative modifiers to make a great character out of an Elf.

That is all we have for our Divinity Original Sin 2 Rogue Class Guide. Let us know if we missed something using the comments section below!

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