Disney to Release Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight on Xbox One and Xbox 360

Disney will be releasing a Frozen game for Xbox One and Xbox 360, called Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight.

Under normal circumstances, I’d probably have nothing good to say if someone started singing ‘Let it Go’ or asking me if I wanted to build a snowman.

Heck, nothing related to Frozen would appeal to me, simply because I’ve heard and experienced too much of it, and now it’s become cringe-worthy.

However, Disney world still knows of those countless kids still mesmerized by Frozen and its impact on young and old, which is why they’re not holding back the release of Frozen Free Fall: Snowball Fight. It’s a casual title for Xbox One and Xbox 360, and it’s being termed as a puzzle game.

Aside from that simple genre definition, there’s not much that is known about the game, but then again, almost everyone knows what Frozen is exactly about. It might just be a console, refined version of the mobile-based Frozen Free Fall, or it might just be something monumentally more complex.

Regardless, Disney is planning to bring the game to the Microsoft consoles. The more intuitive guess would be that it’ll only feature on Xbox Live, but this is Frozen, and it’s terribly popular, so it makes sense if Disney decides it deserves to be a retail release, because we know it’ll sell.

More information should be available soon. Till then, let it go, let it goooooooooo…


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