Disney Heroes Guide – Unlock New Heroes, Upgrade Heroes, How To Join Guilds

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Ready for playing as your favorite childhood hero from Disney? Well, now you can with Disney Heroes: Battle Mode for iOS and Android. Our Disney Heroes Guide will shed light on the most important features of the game and using them to your advantage.

Disney Heroes Guide

In this strategy-based dealing-with-waves-of-enemy type game, you will engage in various modes, fight various enemies, and receive various rewards. Although the gameplay is minimal, the amount of content is not and so getting around it could use some getting used to.

Gameplay Tips

Talking about the gameplay, there is not so much variety or mechanics that will give you any trouble:

  • Each hero comes with his own HP, Armor, Special Skills, and Energy Level
  • At the end of a level, you gain XP that you can use to level up your hero and their skill
  • Your heroes attack automatically and charge up until which point you can use the Character Power

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Guide

Upgrading Heroes

Leveling up your characters will make their attacks more powerful and allow them to equip more than one special skill. This is particularly useful because unlocking skills may cost a lot more the other way i.e. purchase.

You need Character Shards to level up your heroes. These will be available as you complete the main missions. The Elite Mode works best for farming these, but this comes at the expense of 12 Points of Energy at each level.

It is best if you upgrade the heroes that are rarer because these will have a higher chance of excelling in battle. Moreover, leveling up your heroes all raises the total level and ranking of your team of characters.

Getting More Heroes

Unlocking characters in the game work using chips. These are unlocked upon completion of various tasks and challenges including story objectives. You can also use the Diamond Crates to achieve this goal; only then, you would have to either purchase or wait long enough until you have enough Diamond Crates.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Guide
You can also see the specific requirements like the chapter number needed to unlock a character. To do this, first go to ‘Heroes’ tab and press the ‘+’ icon to get more info on how to unlock them.

Promoting Heroes

You need badges for promoting heroes to a higher level. These badges are collected as you are able to achieve more victories through the various game modes.

Some badges will require you to collect certain items or materials before you can construct and collect one. You can find more information including the requirements for a specific character by heading over to the Badges section.

Daily Rewards and Other Freebies

You receive a reward daily as you log-in into the game. Other than that, also make sure you claim the free crates in the Crates section to help you receive Badges and Hero Chips.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Guide
Completing events from the Calendar section will get you free Gold/Diamonds. Other times, the Mailbox and the Medals section may also hold some hidden free rewards for you.

Joining a Guild

After reaching Level 15, you can join a guild of other players. We recommend joining an active group that has many activities going even in a single day. If you are part of a guild, you will be treated to a whole range of freebies like:

  • Free Crates
  • Free Daily Rewards
  • Random Goodies and More

By playing the missions in the Guild Mode, you will be able to unlock new perks to be used on your hero.

General Tips and Strategies

After completing certain amount of missions you unlock the Market where you can buy and sell badges and hero chips. The Coliseum is where you train and prepare your heroes for battles to come.

The Trials Mode can be played to earn Blue/Purple Badges once you reach Team Level 20. The Port Mode lets you in on a tonne of XP while the Guild-specific Surge Mode unlocks at Level 30 and includes timed objectives.

At Level 25, you can access the City Watch mode where you fight off powerful enemies to earn huge amounts of Gold/Tokens. The Arena Mode is where you can fight against other player teams from around the globe.

Lastly, the Enhancement feature of Disney Heroes unlocks at Level 35 and allows you to improve stats of your badge through various upgrades.

This is all we have in our Disney Heroes Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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