Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips

Disney’s new life sim Disney Dreamlight Valley is out now on early access. A lot of players will be jumping in Disney Dreamlight Valley, so here are a few tips for anyone who is just starting Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Tips

With the village settlement of Animal Crossing mixed up with Stardew Valley’s mining system, all put together with some Disney magical goodness, we have a pretty awesome game on our hands.

For those struggling to get a grasp on some of the game’s systems, we have compiled some handy tips for Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Don’t rush to take on tasks

Before you start, keep in mind that the game is still in early access, and there are a few bugs here and there.

One of the most reported bugs is that certain quests seem to be broken. This is commonly seen when you acquire certain items before the game expects you to get them.

To avoid this issue, don’t take on multiple quests at once. We all have this habit that we end up taking multiple tasks just because the quest objectives are close to each other.

However, in a game that’s still in early access, you will run into problems, so try to just do one thing at a time.

Find Royal Tools early on

You need tools to do your various tasks, and what better than the Royal Tools. Not only do these make your chores easy and your day productive, these tools also help unlock new parts of the map for you to explore.

A few of the Royal Tools that are already in the game are watering can, shovel, pickaxe and fishing rod. All of these can be found in the initial area of the game for you to get.

Real-time synchronization

After you have completed the initial quests of the game, the game will end up synchronizing to your device’s real-time. This means that the in-game time will be the same as the time where you live. 12 am on your clock means 12 am on the in-game clock.

Though this doesn’t seem to be an issue, a lot of characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley have set routines that are affected by time.

Some shops, vendors and villagers aren’t around at night. This means that you need to take their routine into consideration. If you want to speak to Remy, for example, you need to talk to him during the day, as Remy likes to sleep early.

Upgrade your inventory

Your inventory bag can only hold a limited number of items, and you cannot carry more than what your inventory allows you.

At the start, your inventory is very small and only a handful of items will fill it up. So naturally, your first upgrade priority needs to be your inventory.

The first inventory upgrade costs you 5000 coins. It does seem expensive, but it not only saves you the time of making multiple trips to transfer goods but also allows you to make easy transactions and sell more items. You will make all the money back quickly.

Friendly neighbor relations

Talking to the various villagers is highly recommended. Your friendship level determines how close you are to any villager.

Talking to them at least once daily will get you a lot of Friendship XP and increase your friendship level with villagers.

The biggest benefit of a higher friendship level with villagers is that you can invite them to come along with you on farming trips, such as fishing and mining.

Not only will you get extra resources with them by your side, these activities further increase your friendship level and the chances of your friends granting you bonus items.

Fishing on ripples

The easiest occupation that a lot of players will pick up early game is fishing. It’s easy money. But it can be even easier.

As you fish, you will notice the ripples that form on the surface due to the fish have different colors. White ripples denote common fish, blue ripples have a higher chance of spawning a rarer fish whereas gold ripples guarantee the rarest fish to catch.

Of course, it is harder to catch rare fish as compared to common fish, but it makes your life much easier. Rare fish varieties sell for a higher price and the ripple color system comes in handy early on.

Never go hungry

Food is commonly overlooked in a lot of games, but eating is an integral part of Disney Dreamlight Valley.

First, you have an energy bar on the top that depletes as you go around doing your tasks. Various tasks have different energy requirements, and without enough energy, you cannot complete the tasks.

To replenish your energy, you need to eat food. The simplest way to work around this is to keep apples in your bag at all times. They can be stacked, are easy to find and replenish enough energy for you to keep doing your tasks.

However, as you progress, make sure to learn more recipes and make better-cooked meals. Higher-tier meals give you more energy and also provide different boosts, such as speed boost and higher chance to spawn rare items.

If you don’t need the food, you can always sell additional food that you have.

Chests and storages

Selling raw materials is easy, but not as profitable as selling processed goods. In late game, it’s better to craft expensive items and then sell them off.

However, this requires you to store the ingredients before you are able to craft them. Make multiple chests for yourself so you can store items in larger quantities until you are ready to use them.


As soon as you get a shovel, make a garden and start growing crops. You can grow different crops and save money by not buying the items.

If you get a large enough farm, you can even start selling the produce and earn some extra cash.

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