Disney Dreamlight Valley: Remembering Moana Quest Guide

Disney Dreamlight Valley enables you to meet your favorite Disney characters and complete your quests for them. “The Remembering” questline...

Disney Dreamlight Valley enables you to meet your favorite Disney characters and complete your quests for them. “The Remembering” questline is related to Moana, and it comes after you’ve completed the Peacemaker’s quest.

In this guide, we provide a detailed guide on how to complete the Remembering Moana quest along with the locations of the memory fragments as well.

Remembering Moana walkthrough

After completing the Peacemaker quest as mentioned above, you need to return to Moana and help her by removing the Night Thorns at her house. During its completion, you will come across a thorn holding a memory. Retrieve this back to Moana.

Upon doing so, the “Remembering Moana” Quest will begin. She will talk about the magical flowers namely the White Bell Flower which you will learn about from the memory fragment you retrieved earlier. This type of flower is found in the Forest of Valor biome. You have to go there and collect at least ten of them. Bring these to Moana and this will lead to another memory.

This time the second memory will lead you to Muai’s mining gems. So, now you need to head to Maui and speak with him about the memory. By doing this another memory of Moana will emerge. Then you need to go back to the Forest of Valor. Your task will be to collect six Blueberries. After gathering the blueberries as part of the “third memory task”, take these to Moana.

This will end up triggering the fourth memory of Moana. Now you have to collect six Fruits to complete her fourth memory fragment. You can find these six fruits in the Forest of Valor. These include the Blueberries so go ahead and collect these as well. After you’ve done with the collecting part the final part of the memory fragment will be released revealing the complete memory, which will be an image of her pet companion “Pua”.

Moana’s lovable pig companion that everyone remembers as Pua will appear as an image of the collected memory. Moana will task you to lure Pua with coconuts. Now you have to gather the coconuts (at least 3) to get Pua. You can fast travel to Dazzel Beach, collect coconuts then travel back and give these to Moana.

This will result in a Leadership Shard dropping on the ground. Give it to Moana and by doing that your “Disney Dreamlight Valley, Remembering Moana Quest” will be completed.

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