Disney Dreamlight Valley: Maui’s House Glitch / House Stuck

Once you bring Moana back to the valley, she will be sad about leaving Maui behind. You will be then tasked to return to the island to convince Maui to come back as well.

When Maui does agree to return, you will have to build him a house in the valley. Fulfill all of the necessary requirements, pay Scrooge McDuck the construction fees, place the foundation of Maui’s house, and start building.

However, if you place Maui’s house incorrectly or in the wrong area, you will be unable to reach it to start building. This is a little glitch that should be fixed in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

For the time being though, there is a workaround to help move Maui’s house so that you can reach the Scrooge construction sign to build the house in the game.

How to move Maui’s house?

You first need to unlock Dazzle Beach and then clear a patch of land to build Maui a house.

When selecting an area to lay the foundation, make sure that it is not too far out in the water. If you place the foundation too far out, you will be bugged out and not be able to reach it to build the house.

If you did the mistake of placing Maui’s house in the wrong area, you can move the house to build it in another area.

To do that, open your inventory and head into the furniture tab. Close the menu and then zoom out the camera to get a full view of the house. Then simply select the house to move it anywhere you want.

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