How To Level Up Companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Every character in Disney Dreamlight Valley is interactable and you can level up your friendship with each character up to level 10. Leveling up your friendship with a companion comes with benefits and new unlocks. This Disney Dreamlight Valley guide will teach you the best methods which will help you in leveling up your friendship with each companion.

How to level up companion friendship in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The best method to level up friendships in Disney Dreamlight Valley is by giving gifts to characters on daily basis.

To do this, all you need to do is go to the main menu and select Assortment. After that, select each character and start giving them the stuff of their liking.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that the favorite item for each character changes on daily basis, so you must adjust to such circumstances. Talk to the companion and they will tell you which item they are in the mood for that day.

Find that item and give it to them to level up your companion.

While you can gift any item to any companion to boost their friendship, giving the item they ask for will provide you bonus points.

Apart from sending gifts, there are a couple of other methods as well to level up companions in Disney Dreamlight Valley. The first is by completing the quests of each character. This is a very simple method as well.

Another method to level up friendships is by cooking meals for characters at Chez Remy. Whenever a character visits Chez Remy, you can cook delicious meals for them which will help you increase your friendship level with those characters.

Best gifts for every companion

Below is a list of all characters in Disney Dreamlight Valley with their favorite gifts.


  • Peridot
  • Grilled Fish Entrée


  • Dream Shards
  • Candy


  • Cucumber
  • Fiber

Mother Gothel

  • Kappa Maki
  • Orange Nosturtium

Scrooge McDuck

  • Iron Ore
  • Shiny Peridot


  • Basil
  • Large Seafood Platter


  • Seafood Pie
  • Tilapia


  • Vegetarian Stew
  • Potato

Mickey Mouse

  • Lettuce
  • Apple Cider Glazed Salmon

Wall E

  • Cocoa Bean
  • Shiny Tourmaline


  • Aurora’s Cake
  • Perch

Minnie Mouse

  • Black Passion Lily
  • Gooseberry


  • Wedding Cake
  • Maguro Sushi


  • Gazpacho
  • Vegetarian Pizza

Donald Duck

  • Pawpsicle
  • Walleye


  • Veggie Skewers
  • Potato Puffs


  • Shiny Citrine
  • Gazpacho

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