Dishonored Powers and Upgrades Guide

Weapons aren’t the only tools that will help Mr. Attano to seek his revenge; you will be able to make use of some supernatural powers. Interested? Our Dishonored Powers and Upgrades guide contains all the information about these supernatural abilities you can use.

If you want to have these powers, you are going to need some currency in the form of runes. You can spend these runes to purchase different powers, which can further be upgraded.

Now if you want to know that what good, these powers can do for you, the following short guide will give you the basic idea. For more help on Dishonored, read our Runes Locations, Bone Charms Locations and Sokolov Paintings Guide.

Dishonored Powers and Upgrades

This ability/power will let Corno jump higher. If you upgrade it to level two, he will be able to run faster.

Bend Time
You may not be able to bend time, but if you get this power in dishonored, Corvo will be able to slow down the events in the surrounding. You can take advantage of it and deal with the foes with great ease. And if you get the upgrade, you will be able to stop the time completely. This can help you explore dangerous sections without the enemies giving you any trouble.

This power will let the protagonist teleport from one place to another. The speed will be fast enough that enemies won’t be alerted. Upgrading the power will increase the range of distance you can teleport.

Blood Thirsty
It will unlock Corvo’s adrenaline attack. By killing enemies, your adrenaline meter will fill up. And once it’s maxed out, you will be able to perform a deadly blow. Upgrading the skill will increase the adrenaline fill up rate.

Dark Vision
Want to see across walls? Dark Vision is the power you should get. At level one, Dark Vision will let you see enemies across walls, and if you upgrade it, you will also be able to see the objects you can interact with and the security systems. You will also be able to see the noise (like footsteps and the noise from objects being dropped) made by the protagonist.

Devouring Swarm
You will be able to summon some rats that will not only consume the dead but also attack the living creatures in the surrounding. If you upgrade the power, the rats will do the task more effectively.

This power is slightly tricky to use. At level one, you will be able to transfer Corvo into non-human creatures like rats. With the upgrade however, you will be able to take possession of humans.

Shadow Kill
Stealth is the gist of dishonored. By acquiring the Shadow Kill power, the enemies taken out by using the stealth kill will turn into ashes leaving no evidence behind. On upgrade, all the bodies (including the non-stealth kills) will turn into ashes.

The vitality power will increase Corvo’s health. Upgrading it will make a portion of the health to regenerate over time.

Like the Darth Vader, Corvo will be able to use the windblast to knock over the enemies, their projectiles and break open the weaker flimsy doors. Upgrading the power will increase the windblast to the lethal level.

The Knife of Dunwall and The Brigmore Witches

The DLC packs include some new Powers in addition to some of the old ones. We have listed the new ones below for you.

Void Gaze
This will let you see the location of Runes and Bone Charms within a certain radius. Daud’s hand will glow if aiming to a Rune or Bone Charm. Upgrading this ability to level 2 will also let you living beings, their sounds, their cones of sight (yellow), resources (green), and machinery/traps (blue), and Daud’s sounds.

It can be used to lift inanimate objects, collect and pilfer items. Upgrading it will also let you lift bodies, living enemies are bound and can be choked out or executed.

Arcane Bond
This will let summoned assassins teleport and get an increase in health. Upgrading this ability will make the summoned assassins use Pull. They will also become immune to Bend Time and can gain Shadow Kill

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