Dishonored No Kill Stealth Walkthrough Guide

How to complete Dishonored without killing and alerting anyone in the game, our walkthrough will tell you all about it.

Dishonored can be played in three chaos modes: medium, low, and high. The hardest of these is the low chaos, where you cannot initially kill more than 20% of enemies. Thus, it will be difficult to avoid detection while sparing the enemies. Although you can go all out on your enemies in the game, I am pretty sure stealth fans will prefer the Stealth route and avoid killing any hostile target to unlock Ghost and Clean Hands achievements.

You are rewarded with clean hands achievement if you complete Dishonored without killing anyone while ghost is your reward for avoiding detection and avoid killing anyone but the key targets throughout the game. Unless, you have the patience to reload your every fail and save rigorously, and of course, you still have to follow our general Clean Hands / Ghost Tips.

Mission #1: Dishonored

For the first mission named Dishonored, you must escape the Coldridge Prison and the adjoining sewers without killing anyone. Do keep a weapon to defend yourself, but don’t use it against anyone. If you run into any guard on your way out, make sure to knock them down and hide their body somewhere safe. Make sure the bodies are not placed at a height or somewhere near the explosives or garbage can, as it might kill them.

Another thing that will aid your survival is peaking through keyholes; this can be done by pressing a button near the keyhole; also, look into the room before bursting in. When you have objects in the room, you can sneak around without knocking anyone down.

The first collectible, Clockwork Explosive, is in a safe in the Interrogation Room. Collect it and head to the outer door in the Prison Yard to escape into the sewers.

One threat you will face in the sewers is rats. If you knock anyone down, place their body at a higher level where rats can’t reach it, and don’t hit them too hard so the meat comes out. This will keep rats away from them. You can clear rats from your way by distracting them with corpses.

Mission #2: High Overseer Campbell

Your core objective in this mission named High Overseer Campbell is to eliminate the High Overseer Campbell. This mission has many side objectives, like rescuing Overseer Martin from Holger Square, saving old man Grif from being harassed by the Bottle Street gang, or tracking down Granny Rags.

If you knock anyone out, make sure to hide their body away from the water, as drowning will kill them. You might have accidental kills while choking someone near the louver door or a wooden breakable object, so you need to take the enemy away from the door or object while choking him just to stay safe. You should also shoot the unconscious body with sleeping darts while activating the non-lethal VIP disposal device.

Once the way to Overseer’s Chamber is cleared, knock out both Curnow and Campbell. Then, take the unconscious Campbell to the interrogation room. Don’t leave Curnow’s body in the open, you can hide him in clean dumpster. That should complete the no kill run of this mission in Dishonored.

Mission #3: House of Pleasure

This mission named House of Pleasure requires using powers, you can use Blink (level 2), Agility (level 1), dark vision (level 1), you can also use bend time and freeze time. Your ultimate goal in this mission is to free Emily, for this you need to meet Slackjaw and do his side missions.

Complete Slackjaw’s side mission by extracting notes from Dr. Gallvani’s office. Decipher the sniping towers on your way back to Slackjaw, which will ask you to get a secret code from an art dealer. Take the mission and meet the art dealer. Here, you will find Emily in the house of pleasure. Rescue her to complete the objective. While taking down guards on the exit, shoot them with sleeping darts when they are not looking at each other.

Mission #4: The Royal Physician

You can use the same powers for this mission, called The Royal Physician, too, or upgrade your Agility and blink to level two. At the beginning of this mission, you will get the stealth-boosting blueprint Folden Galvani Resin. Your main objective is to abduct Sokolov from his home. Try staying up high to sneak past everyone. That should complete the no kill run of this mission in Dishonored.

Mission #5: Lady Boyle’s Last Party

For this mission, called Lady Boyle’s Last Party, keep Dark Vision (level 2), Blink (level 2), Possession (level 1), Bend Time (level 1), Windblast (level 1), and Agility (level 2). Your core objective is to assassinate Lady Boyle, for which you need to get inside the Boyle Estate.

While you are in the Boyle Estate, hide your weapon, as you’ve acquired the invitation. Lydia Boyle is in the red dress at the party. Tell her name and ask her to meet in private in the celler. Choke her out, and this will conclude the mission.

Mission #6: Return to the Tower

The object of the sixth mission is to end Lord Regent’s reign. In the courtyard, you will encounter a tall boy. Avoid him at all costs and run past him. In the Broadcast Control Tower, you will meet the Propaganda Officer, talk to him, and get the safe combination that contains Lord Regent’s confession. This confession is in his bedroom.

Take the audio graph and play it on the broadcast machine. Then, he heads outside his house in stealth mode to avoid detection. That should complete the no kill run of this mission in Dishonored.

Mission #7: Flooded District

The Flooded District mission includes finding a way into Doud’s territory without killing anyone. For this, head toward the Rudshore Waterfront. Here, you need to snag the key off of an assassin and enter Central Rudshore quickly so no one will spot you. Try not to knock anyone down in this mission, as the area is rat-infested, so you might risk killing anyone. Once you are inside Doud’s territory, steal Doud’s key and head outside by the sewers.

Mission #8: The Loyalists

For this mission, you need to confront the loyalist and meet Samuel on the beach after crossing Emily’s tower. You need to wait for weepers to get distracted so you can blink to the Hound Pits and walk into the room to find your way to the 3rd floor of the building, where you will find Emily’s note and Sokolov’s health elixir. Head to Emily’s tower, walk past Callista as she opens the door for you, and signal Samuel from there. That should complete the no kill run of this mission in Dishonored.

Mission #9: The Light at the End

In the last mission of the game, you need to get to the lighthouse. While at the Kingsparrow Fort, stay on the roof to sneak past till you reach Kingsparrow Gatehouse. If you cross any guard that is alarmed by your presence, blink past him while he is looking in your direction. You can use the lighthouse elevator to get to the top. Stay aloof will get to the lighthouse easily and undetected.

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