Dishonored Mission 4 The Royal Physician Low Chaos Guide

There’s no rest after the House of Pleasures mission because it immediately proceeds with this mission. Your only salvation is that you can visit Piero and get some upgrades before starting Dishonored Mission 4 The Royal Physician Low Chaos run.

Dishonored Mission 4 The Royal Physician Low Chaos

Once you feel you are ready, speak to Lord Pendleton and meet the other conspirators at the Hounds Pit tavern.

Your current mission will be to kidnap Anton Sokolov and learn the identity of the Lord Regent’s mistress. Using her, you will be able to strike down Hiram Burrows and end his reign of terror.

Sam will ask you to disable the lights on the waterfront so his boat can get nearer to Sokolov’s residence incognito.

You’ll start off near the south of Kaldwin Bridge. Be careful of the guards around this place. Use blink to get to a door located at the north-western corner of this area. Best way to get there is to blink from pillar to pillar, platform to platform, just stay above ground.

Only get down when the door is in sight. In this room, on the first floor, you will find a non-functional mining cart. Furthermore, on the table by the cart is the “Warehouse Key.” To activate the mining cart you must get a fuel cell for it.

Go even further up to the stairs and eventually you will find a wheel. Spin that wheel to move a hanging chain across the room. When the chain is settled in its new position, use blink to get to it and grab it. Look around while hanging from the chain, and you will spot some fuel tanks near by.

Grab one of the fuel tanks. You simply cannot just drop the fuel tanks onto the ground below because on impact, they will explode alerting enemies.

Look to your right, and you will see some planks. Destroy those planks using your melee attack and crates will be revealed. Carrying the oil tank, just jump over these crates to the side with stairs and then take the stairs to go down to the mining cart.

Place the oil tank in the pod to activate the mining cart. Pull the lever and hop into the now mobile mining cart to get across the closed bridge.

From here on, you will have to use blink to navigate through the area. Take the door that leads to the Drawbridge area. Utilize blink to quickly get to it when the guards leave the door alone for a bit. Otherwise wait perched on the various platforms up until they do so.

Once you enter Drawbridge Way, you’ll overhear a conversation between a mister Pratchett and a City Watchman in front of Pratchett’s house.

After they’re done talking, choke them both unconscious, take Pratchett’s house key. You can raid Pratchett’s house using the side route next to Pratchett’s house.

At the bridgehead, you will see a dangerous Arc Pylon and two thugs. The thugs play out some dialogue and proceed to attack the City Watch.

Use the distraction they provide to Blink past them and use the pipes and chain on the side of the bridge to get past the Arc Pylon.

If you are trying to complete the mission without being seen or killing anybody, you should move on from the first Arc Pylon to the bridges’ under truss.

Continue onwards under the bridge and avoid pylons by either de-powering them by removing the fuel cells or by avoiding being spotted. Keep moving towards your main objective and use Dark Vision intermittently to spot enemies before they come.

Get to the bridge’s drawbridge control booth to raise it. There are two ways to get there; you can either climb the stairs and risk being spotted by the guards, or you can use the chains to get around the stairwells and reach the drawbridge control booth.

You need the added height of the raised drawbridge to reach the searchlight’s power cells. Once you get to the power cells, take them out of their pods to complete the first part of your mission.

Head to Solokov’s house. You have to go down from the bridgehead to get to Solokov’s house. On your way down, you will come across a few guards and an Arc polygon.

The best way to avoid all of them (Don’t use the stairs to avoid the hassle) is to jump down the space between the stairwells, landing on the big pulley like structure used to operate the drawbridge.

Once you get to the base of the north bridgehead, you will see it a small cell as well as a man named Alec inside it; it’s the same person the two thugs were talking about on the south bridge end before they kindly provided that distraction for the Arc Pylon.

Alec the Scavenger will ask that you help free him, so he can split his stash of River Krust pearls with you.

This is an optional mission, and you are not obligated to free him at all. In this guide, we are going to leave him alone and focus on our main goal of kidnapping Solokov. If you are opting for a Ghost run, helping Alec is a bad idea, since he will lead you to an ambush. You can still do it while maintaining Clean Hands, though.

From the base of the Northern Drawbridge, you should make your way to the Midrow Substatio. Evade or neutralize hostiles on your way to the door.

Midrow Substation has several City Watch patrolling around the Wall of Light and the generator control booth. To get by the Wall of Light, either use Possession at Level 2 (allows you to take over a City Watchman and run past the forcefield), or disable the Wall of Light.

Disabling the Wall of Light involves stopping the spinning generator wheel (switch is in the control booth) followed by Blinking/hopping over the wheel (or crawling under it if the wheel was correctly stopped) and pulling out the force field’s power cell, and finally getting back on the road. When you cross the Wall Of Light, the next door will be to the North End.

Once you’re at the North End you should be able to see the Sokolov Manor. Turn right and go up the stairs you see. At the end of the stairs, blink to the pipe ahead. Follow the pipe to an abandoned apartment being blocked by wooden planks. Destroy the planks to gain entry into the flat. Take the stairs to the rooftop.

From the rooftop, you will see two pipes. Get on them and they will lead you to a corpse with a note. If you look directly down from that roof, you will see another ventilation pipe. Jump onto it and follow it.

Go a little further and if you have followed the instructions correctly, you would be seeing two guards arguing about Sokolov’s work in front of his home.

Take them out using your crossbow and enter through the front doors. Another way to go inside is to blink on to the turbines running underneath his house and then coming out of the basement.

Sokolov himself is in the lab on the roof of his mansion, so that’s the way you want to approach this. Once you are inside the mansion, keep your Dark Vision on at all times.

In this scenario, it is better to skilfully evade enemies rather than killing or choking them out. Utilize blink often and especially while trying to get past the Wall Of Light. You can go over it as it can’t be shut down like prior Walls Of Light.

You can loot Sokolov’s mansion at this point, but if you’re focusing on completing the mission you need to find safe means to carry him down to Sam the boatman; Sam will be waiting with his boat under the bridge to Sokolov’s main gate. Water is lethal to the KO’ed Sokolov, and falling from great heights will kill both Corvo and Sokolov.

You can do this by either heading back downstairs through the mansion (meaning you neutralize all hostiles), or by blinking vertically multiple times down to safe ground.

Place Sokolov on Sam’s boat and head back to base to finish the mission.


  • Rune (1/5): Take the stairs down after you get off the cart and get on the balcony to get the rune.
  • Bone Charm (1/3): After you have killed the weeper, enter the hallway farther along the room to get the bone charm.
  • Rune (2/5): Inside Pratchett’s house there is a safe with a passcode of 4-7-3.
  • Rune (3/5): When you kill the guy who enters Pratchett’s house, you’ll find a Rune at an outsider shrine.
  • Rune (4/5): When you enter Midrow Substation, you’ll find a rune on the table.
  • Bone Charm (2/3): Where you free a woman, there you will find a bone charm on a corpse on a platform.
  • Bone Charm (3/3): In the North End, when you enter the balcony after getting out of the vent, there is a room where you will find the bone charm.
  • Rune (5/5): You will find this on the bench nearby where you find the Blueprint (Sokolov’s Formula).

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