Dishonored Mission 2 High Overseer Campbell Low Chaos Guide

Complete walkthrough to Dishonored mission 2 High Overseer Campbell mission without alerting enemies for a low chaos run of the game

After Dishonored, you are assigned your first assassination mission. The Dishonored Mission 2 High Overseer Campbell begins after Sam the boatman drops you off the Loyalist Secret base, Hound Pits bar. Read on for complete details on how to complete Dishonored High Overseer Campbell mission with Low Chaos.

Dishonored Mission 2 High Overseer Campbell Low Chaos

After meeting with the two loyalist leaders Admiral Havelock and Lord Trevor Pendleton, you will be instructed to go see Piero the master Smith.

Piero’s workshop is located just outside the pub door; you can find him there. Speak with him and he will ask you to get a new tank of oil from upstairs. Fetch him the whale oil and he will give you the “Assassin’s Mask.”

Piero will also ask you to scavenge items for him from the city so that he could make useful equipment for you. After talking with Piero, choose to sleep when prompted to do so by him. You will wake up in an unknown supernatural place.

Head out of the room and up to the stairs which lead to a desolate rooftop with a couple of lampposts on it. Here you will be greeted by the “Outsider.” The Outsider will mark you with his sign and teach you “Blink.”

Use this ability to navigate through this place known as the “Void.” At the end of it, you will meet the Outsider again who will give you “The Heart.” This device can be used to find runes in the real world which grant more magical abilities to you. The Outsider will order you to use the Heart to find another rune. To use the Heart equip it in your left hand and press L1.

Just follow the white marker on your screen to the ruin. This is fairly straightforward. Remember to use Blink to cover long distances.

When you have collected the ruin, you will be asked to purchase a new supernatural ability with it ( I chose Dark Vision). After a final dialogue or rather a monologue with the Outsider, you will return to the real world.

When you wake up in the real world, go talk to Admiral Havelock downstairs in the pub. The Admiral will assign you your first mission with three objectives:

  • Kill Overseer Campbell
  • Steal his journal
  • Rescue Overseer Martin

When you head outside to meet Sam the boatman, you will meet Calista Curnow, who will plead you to ensure her uncle Geoff Curnow’s safety while on your mission to kill Campbell.

Before talking to Sam make sure you get some business done with Piero. You can purchase a rune from Piero on spot and another one can be found using the Heart on the Hound Pits waterfront.

Once you have done that tell Sam to take you to the Distillery District. Sam will drop you off near the bridge from where the city watch’s guards are chucking dead bodies into the river. Follow your white marker and you will come across a guard under the bridge.

Deal with him quietly and throw his body into the river as well. Just keep going up the stairs following your marker. Try to avoid the guards so as to not create an unnecessary scene.

You will reach the Wall of Light eventually, and over it will be a sign reading; “The safest measures are the Boldest.”

The quickest way to get past this wall is to take out the whale oils tanks empowering it and thus shutting it down provided you do not have the ability to possess rats yet. You only need to remove one tank to shut the wall down. It is advisable that you take out the tank that is to the right of the wall.

If you do this, you can evade the guard coming to check just by hiding behind the generator and then slipping through the gate without him knowing. Do not get cocky though this is just your first Wall Of Light and the second one is straight ahead, protected by more guards.

Another way to cross the complete boulevard is by using Blink ability to jump from building to building. To get additional runes, Corvo can visit Granny Rags, Dr. Galvani’s Offices, and the Dunwall Whiskey Distillery.

When you bypass the first wall immediately head down the stairs to your right avoiding any guards. Use your blink ability to go over the staircase blocking your path. Now use blink again to land on the pipes across the staircase.

This activity should not take you more than a minute. Travel to the end of the pipe and you will have gone through one end of the road to the other without any of the guards having the faintest clue about you. The second Wall Of Light is just ahead and guarded by two patrol men.

When these patrol men leave the generator, slip past them and quickly hide behind the generator. Wait for these two guards to have their backs to the generator and then speedily take out the whale oil tank. You only have a few precious seconds before the guards come back and replace the tank.

You need to get the past the second Wall of Light immediately. Again use blink twice diagonally to the left to travel to the nearest cover from the generator past the second wall. Note that in this scenario, Dark Vision is really helpful as it can show the guard’s position even through walls and let you know when it is safe to move out of cover.

After you get past the second Wall Of Light Holger Square gate is straight ahead. Keep to the left side of this road and past the spotlight in the middle of the road is a blue little “room.” Inside is a city watch guard, take him down discreetly and collect the rune in that “room.”

Get out from there and stick to the left side of the road; blinking from cover to cover making your way to the door to Holger Square.

Note: Using the ability Blink to travel from one cover to another greatly decreases your chance of being spotted.

Right in the middle of the next area is Martin being guarded by another Overseer. Take out guardsman stealthily and hide his body. Go near Martin and he will tell you to unlock him. The lever is beside him, just pull it, and he will be free.

After being free, Martin will head to Hounds Pit Pub and you are to enter the office of High Overseer.

Go forth and you will see your path blocked by a massive gate. Do not fret though. Just jump onto the crate to the right of the gate and from there, jump onto the top of the booth to the right. There will be a platform to the right of you, too high for your normal jump. Use blink to get there.

Now use blink again to get to the platform on the other side of the gate. From this platform to your left, you will see two pillars. Use blink twice to get to the second one. Straight down below you will see a door. Wait for the overseer guarding it to walk away and to the left of that door, look for an open window on the left of that door.

Blink to it and then go through it into the room. There is a guard in this room. Watch from the window where he is standing before you go through it. You should wait perched on the window and when his back is turned to you, blink over to him and deal with him quickly. Head to the back of the room and you will find another door. Open it and step out into Holger Square.

Just as you come out of the door, you will see a staircase going down. Follow that staircase and you will see an opening to the water pipes. Enter the pipe and follow it until you reach a part where it is blocked by wooden planks. Use your melee attack to destroy the planks in front of you.

Continue and you will come across a hanging chain. Climb it and you will come to a door that leads to the Kennels.

In the next room, you will find two doors. One that is directly ahead and other that leads to the Kennels. Go through the door straight ahead and you will end up at the office of Overseer Campbell!

Across this giant hall is the meeting chamber where you will find the High Overseer. When you come up from the stairs, move across the whole width of the hall to the extreme right. Look for a small opening in the wall; go through and use this opening to travel to the opposite end of the hall without being detected by the guards.

You will eventually end up in the top-right corner of the hall outside a pair of big gates. Peep through the keyhole and you will see a senior overseer preaching to the younger initiates.

Leave them be. Go straight sticking to the right side of the hall, and you will see another opening or little window in the wall. Go through it and on the other side, you will have two crates placed side by side.

Jump on the first one and afterwards hop on to the second one. After that, blink to what appears to be an outdoor unit of an air conditioner. Next blink onto the ledge and follow it towards the right.

Eventually, you will come across the window of the High Overseer’s meeting room. There is no one in it yet. Hide under the table with the wine on it but not before you switch the positions of the cups so that it is Overseer Campbell, who drinks the poisoned wine not Curnow.

When Campbell and Curnow walk in, Campbell will drink the poison wine and die, Curnow will be safe.

Remember to pickpocket the black book off of Campbell while he is talking to Curnow from under the table.

Now that you have fulfilled all three objectives, it is time for your escape. Follow the white marker that is currently leading you towards Sam the boatman who is in the backyard.

You need to take the door to the right in the meeting room or the one you see straight ahead when you enter from the window. Turn right and go down the stairs and take the door to the back yard. Try to avoid the guards or kill them stealthily, it is possible to do so even now. The only guard you still have to deal with is one on the stairs, rest of them can be avoided.

The back yard is relatively easy to navigate through. Blink from rooftop to rooftop or just use the pipes to travel to the other end where Sam is waiting for you.

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