Dishonored Brigmore Witches Runes and Charms Locations Guide

Where to find all the runes and charms in Dishonored DLC - Brigmore Witches.

The latest downloadable content pack for Dishonored, called Brigmore Witches, continues the story of Daud, the assassin responsible for the death of a certain Empress.

It is the fourth and final DLC for the game, and your save files from the previous DLCs will carry over, including chaos levels and equipment.

The DLC also includes its own host of collectibles – namely bone charms, corrupted charms and Runes – across a total of three levels; Coldridge Prison, Draper’s Ward, and Brigmore Manor.

This guide will help you in finding all of them, so you can upgrade Daud to be the best assassin he can be. For more help on Dishonored, read our Blueprints Locations, Safe Combinations and Runes/Bonecharms Locations guide.

Dishonored Brigmore Witches Runes and Charms Locations


Rune #1
Location. You get this one in the Assassin headquarters, when you go to the chest to retrieve your sword and equipment. Impossible to miss.

Rune #2
Location. As you’re leaving the headquarters you should find two assassins discussing your leave for Brigmore. When they disappear, look up and to the left. Blink up onto the tall stacks to find a hidden rune.

Coldridge Prison

Rune #3
Location. When you enter Coldridge through the sewers, just after you leave the sewers to the dry river bed you can find this by looking to the right of the rocks leading up to the prison. The rune is hidden behind a fallen sheet of metal.

Bone Charm #1
Location. In the main area of the prison you can find a courtyard with a platform. You’ll find the Bone Charm under it.

Rune #4
Location. When you reach the Interrogation room, look to the right of the desk to find this.

Bone Charm #2
Location. Just after you leave the Interrogation room you’ll come to a hallway with an open roof. Use your blink ability to get to the roof, then down to the ground. Look for an alcove lit by a purple lamp.

Corrupted Charm #1
Location. Upon reaching the prison block, you need to check just about all of the prison cells here. It’ll be in one of them.

Drapers Ward

Rune #5
Location. Outside the gate is a pile of bodies, and near this is a building. Head to the second floor of this building to find Granny’s recipe. Complete it to obtain the rune.

Corrupted Charm #2
Location. Head to the roof of the building containing the recipe, and look for a glass roof nearby. On the right edge of the glass you can find this Charm.

Rune #6
Location. Down the street from Granny’s apartment is a gate along the dry canal. You can get this opened by purchasing a favor. Do so to find the rune.

Bone Charm #3
Location. You have to buy this from the black market shop.

Rune #7
Location. Right inside the Dressmaker’s Studio. It’s on the wall opposite the door leading to the alleyway.

Corrupted Charm #3
Location. Before you reach the docks where Lizzy Stride’s flagship is moored, you meet another assassin in a room. The Charm is in this same room.

Rune #8
Location. When you’re on the docks where Lizzy’s flagship is (The Undine), there will be a cargo door that is wedged open. Inside it you can find a rune.

Rune #9
Location. There is a rune in the basement of the Watch building at the end of the docks. You can access it through an underwater opening.

Bone Charm #4
Location. You need to purchase a favor for this one. Get some stuff dumped at the docks. Head over and you’ll find a bone charm along with the rest of the stuff underwater.

Bone Charm #5
Location. Take a dive beneath Lizzy’s ship. You should find this charm on the seabed.

Bone Charm #6
Location. Right after you enter the Textile Mill, move along the wall on the right side and you’ll find the charm in an abandoned booth.

Rune #10
Location. Access the warehouse using the skylights and you’ll find a rune in the office.

Corrupted Charm #4
Location. While you’re going through the sewers, there will be a room with a statue and a witch. After you have a conversation, smash the wooden floor to find a charm with a swarm of rats.

Bone Charm #7
Location. As you proceed onwards through the sewer tunnels, you’ll find a tunnel that’s collapsed towards the right. There is a charm on the rocks at the entrance.

Rune #11
Location. Activate the power for an office that you come across. And a fan will break apart in the ventilation system. Use the new opening to get through, then blink through the metal bars over the doors to get this rune.

Brigmore Manor

Rune #12
Location. Purchase a favor and use your blink ability to get on top of a structure near the water. There is a cache here with a rune.

Corrupted Charm #5
Location. Go for a swim in the waters outside the fence of the estate in order to find this one.

Rune #13
Location. Head right from the estate entrance and you should find a safe that is sticking out of the water. Inside is the rune.

Rune #14
Location. You need to complete another of Granny’s recipes. This one starts in the greenhouse. When you’ve completed it and drink the water from the fountain, the rune will appear.

Bone Charm #8
Location. Head to the back of the estate. Above a fountain here is a rock ledge where there is a charm on a chair.

Bone Charm #9
Location. Head to the building with the tree growing out of it and pick up a lever. Now go to the graveyard behind the greenhouse and use the lever to drop into the crypt. The charm is near a statue to the right.

Corrupted Charm #6
Location. Just as you enter the mansion, blink up through the hole in the ceiling. Head on through a ruined hallway and you’ll come across the charm.

Bone Charm #10
Location. Near where you find the charm above is an office where you can find a desk with a Bone charm.

Bone Charm #11
Location. When you near the top of the mansion you may overhear two witches having a conversation about Delilah’s plan. There should be a chest near them, inside is a charm.

Rune #15
Location. In an adjoining room near the above charm is a desk with a rune.

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