Dishonored 2 Weapons, Gadgets, Upgrades and Bonecharms Guide

Dishonored 2 Dishonored 2 Weapons, Gadgets, Upgrades and Bonecharms Guide to help you familiarize with these must-have pieces of equipment in the game along with tips to use them effectively.

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

You will also have access to a host of different weapons and gadgets in the Dishonored 2. The following guide will help you understand Dishonored 2 weapons, gadgets, and their upgrades.

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Dishonored 2 Weapons, Gadgets, Upgrades and Bonecharms

In our Dishonored 2 Weapons, Gadgets, Upgrades and Bonecharms Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about these pieces of equipment.

Dishonored 2 Weapons


Both playable characters in the game carry a sword that can be used in various ways. These weapons are used at close range to take down enemies via combat or stealth. You can use swords to jump down and kill the enemies, attacking them from behind. You can also parry and counter attack, it takes some getting used to but once you get the hang of it, you can do some serious damage to the enemy.

Your small is very useful against small group of enemies and individuals. However, the weapon is useless against ranged attackers. In order to make swords effective against ranged attacked, invest in abilities like Reflexes and Blood Thirst.

Once you upgrade the sword, you can craft Masterwork version of it for both Emily and Corvo.

  • Monkey Wrench – Deals more damage against Clockwork Soldiers
  • Occult Kiss – Deals damage against magic-using enemies


Pistols are short- or medium-range weapons and deal moderate amount of damage to the enemies. You can do extra damage if you manage to shoot them in the limbs or chest. Pistols can also do one shot kills if you manage to nail a headshot. Shooting an enemy momentarily stuns him/her, you can use this opportunity to grab and kill or knock out.

The pistol is best used if you are finding it hard to beat the enemy with a sword. Use the pistol to weaken or eliminate enemies in such situations. Such tactics prevent Emily or Corvo from getting overwhelmed in battles. Mixing both sword and pistol attack can help you get rid of enemies quicker.

Keep in mind that it is not wise to use this weapon if you aren’t spotted or being attacked already. This weapon makes plenty of noise so using it to kill one enemy may attract others to your location.

You can upgrade a pistol’s Accuracy 1 and 2, Reload 1 and 2, and Magazine +1. You can also craft Masterwork Pistol.

  • The Determined Traveler (Corvo) – Perfect accuracy while used with the Spyglass
  • The Crimson Painter (Corvo) – Shorter range, higher damage, shotgun-like spread
  • The Insistent Gentleman (Emily) – Higher fire rate
  • The Red Siblings (Emily) – Accurate and fires in bursts

Explosive Bullets

These bullets have an area of effect that damages everyone close to it. However, these are expensive items so keep in mind that you don’t needless waste these bullets. Weaker targets are immediately killed by these bullets and they handle small groups of enemies really well. Those who don’t die take significant damage.

The best way to use these bullets is when you are overwhelmed by the enemies or in risky fights. Explosive Bullets have no place in easy battles. Lure groups of enemies toward narrow hallways and corners for greater effect.


Crossbow is a part of the ranged weapon class of Dishonored 2. But unlike a pistol, a Crossbow is a much better option for ranged combat. The Crossbow has no noise so it makes a perfect ranged silence assassin. You can use this weapon to kill off enemies from a distance before starting a fight.

Keep in mind that in order to kill tougher enemies you should try headshots with Crossbow Bolts. Special bolts increase the versatility of your Crossbow. You will get your hands on special bolts as you progress through the game. You can use blueprints to craft a Masterwork Crossbow that is more accurate, does more damage.

  • The Dealer (Corvo) – Lock on to three characters and fire
  • Coffin Nails (Corvo) – Fast firing
  • Long Distance Lover (Emily) – High damage, perfect accuracy while used with the Spyglass
  • Piercing Insult (Emily) – Heavy damage, can pierce through targets

Sleep Dart

If you are using a stealth build, sleep darts are your best friends. They are extremely effective when taking down the enemies. The best way to use these darts to hide the bodies once you are done knocking them out. Use Blink or Far Reach to take bodies to places that are inaccessible to enemies.

Pick off enemies after studying their pattern, once someone is isolated from others, take him out. This helps you avoid detection as it takes a few second for the darts to kick in. Enemies that are out in the open and targeted with the Sleep Dart may attract attention from others. In order to avoid the delay, it is best to nail headshots. Also, focus on finding Bonecharms that give a chance to recover Sleep Darts.

Incendiary Bolts

These types of bolts do as much damage as the regular bolt but also manage to do damage over time to its target. Incendiary Bolts are very effective against heavier weapons. However, unlike regular bolts this one makes a lot of noise when they explode and the victim will scream with pain, attracting plenty of attention.

Howling Bolt

Well, these are one a kind bolts as they blind and deafen a target for several seconds. The blindness goes away first before the disappearance of the deafness. Use this to disengage from combat with really dangerous targets, the ones you do not wish to engage directly. It is best for getting out of the line of sight. You can leave them or take them down. They do not work on mechanical targets so try to give them to Elite Guards.

Stinging Bolt

The stinging bolt is exactly what it sounds like; the targeted enemy screams in pain and runs around wildly, leaving the area it is guarding. This allows you to bypass security by causing a distraction to some, and pain to others. Stinging bolt also causes temporary amnesia, the enemies that are hit with the bolt forget what they are going. But once they recover they will return to their post.

Gadgets and Consumables

Health Elixir

Health Elixirs are bright red in color and help you regain a decent amount of HP. They have an instant effect so they can save your life. Go to the Ability Menu and you will be able to see Elixirs to the upper left of the Radial section.

Mana Elixir

This Elixir type will restore your mana instantly but they very hard to find and if you are a heavy user, you will not have enough. You need to cast slowly and give it time to regenerate. You can use low-cost abilities like Blink, Far Reach, and Dark Vision as many times as possible.

The Heart

The heart is used to locate different types of collectibles and valuable items on the map. You can locate runes, Outsider Shrine, and Bonecharms. Once you find an item you can set a waypoint to its location. You can listen to the sound of the heart to track the item you are looking for. The heart will beat louder as you get closer to the object.

Using the heart while focusing on an area provides more information.


The timepiece allows you to transition between the past and present during certain situations. This not only allows you to grab different collectibles but you can also solve different puzzles and find new paths. The Time piece does not require Mana to work so you can use it whenever you wish.

A lens is attached to it that lets you see the effects your transition on the other side. Transition may not work if there is something on the other side blocking you.

Impact Grenade

Gamers will most certainly know what an impact grenade is. It is a standard thrown weapon and will explode on contact or four seconds after being lit. You can cook the grenade if you wish to before throwing to reduce the explosion time.

Sticky Grenade

The sticky grenade is another common item for gamers. The grenades stick to walls, floors, and living targets and explode after four seconds. They cause significant damage to the enemy.

Spring Razor

Spring Razors are traps that can be set anywhere on the map. They are useful because they don’t have a timer on them. They go off once it comes in contact with someone. You can use noise to lure enemies intro traps, put them around corners for best effect.

Stun Mine

Stun mines take some time to trigger but when it does it affects a moderate area. You can use this to knock out enemies without killing them. It is the best weapon to use against Clockwork Soldiers. Place two of these close to each other and you can outright kill a Clockwork Soldier.


The Spyglass is exactly what is sounds like as it allows you to spy on enemies. Zoom in from a distance to eavesdrop on conversations. This helps you study their patrol patterns and let you aim ranged weapons more accurately.

Rewire Tools

The Rewire Tools let you change the properties of various mechanisms. You can use it for Walls of Light, turn off security systems, and reprogram Clockwork Soldiers. These are powerful but expensive items so use wisely. You should explore the map for Rewire Tools. There are enough in the mission areas so you don’t need to buy them.

Dishonored 2 Upgrades

Crossbow Upgrades

Accuracy – No Requirement
Better Accuracy

Ancient Howl – Get Master Ammo Blueprint from The Royal Conservatory
Bolts disable magic users

Bolt Capacity +5 (+10) – No Requirement
+5 to your Bolt capacity, +10 when you purchase the second upgrade

Coffin Nails – Master Blueprint Crossbow from the Royal Conservatory
Increased fire rate for bolts

Combustion Bolts – Must have unlocked Incendiary Bolts
Larger area of effect

Deep Howl – Master Ammo Blueprint from the Royal Conservatory
Bolts frighten Wolfhounds

Extended Bolt Range – No Requirement
Longer range and the Bolts fly faster

Hardened Bolts – Hardened Bolts Blueprint from Edge of the World
Greater damage

Howling Bolts – Howling Bolts Blueprint from Clockwork Mansion Streets
Purchase Howling Bolts

Incendiary Bolts – Incendiary Bolts Blueprint from Edge of the World
Purchase Incendiary Bolts

Instant Sleep – No Requirement
Purchase Sleep Darts

Long Distance Lover – Master Crossbow Blueprint from the Royal Conservatory
Becomes a good sniping weapon

Piercing Insult – Master Crossbow Blueprint from the Royal Conservatory
Higher damage and pierce targets

Reload Faster – No Requirement
Less reload time

Stinging Dart – Stinging Dart Blueprint from the Good Doctor
Purchase Stinging Darts

The Dealer – Master Crossbow Blueprint from the Royal Conservatory
Aim-lock up to three targets

Dishonored 2 Gear Upgrades

Bonecharm Slots +2 (+3) – No Requirement
Two more Bonecharm slots and three for the second upgrade

Collector’s Carapace – Master Armor Blueprint from the Duke’s Palace
Less damage taken

Moth Dust Wrappings – Master Armor Blueprint from the Duke’s Palace
Less visible in poorly lit sections

Refined Lens Optics – No Requirement
Second level of zoom for Spyglass

Silent Running – Silent Running Blueprint
Less noise when running

Silent Sprinting – Must have purchased Silent Running
No noise when sprinting

Dishonored 2 Gun Upgrades

Accuracy 1 and 2 – No Requirement
More Pistol accuracy and less dispersion

Armored Bullets – Armored Bullets Blueprint from Clockwork Mansion
Bullets ricochet off of unbreakable surfaces

Bullet Storage +5 (+10) – No Requirement
Five Bullets for storage and +10 for the second upgrade

Explosive Bullets – Explosive Bullets Blueprint
Purchase Explosive Bullets

Explosive Clusters – Must have already purchased Explosive Bullets
Explosive Bullets fragment and explode individually

Magazine 1, 2, and 3 – No Requirement
Adds a Bullet to your magazine for each upgrade

Magnetized Bullets – Magnetized Bullets Blueprint from Clockwork Mansion Streets
Stuns Clockwork Soldiers briefly

Reload Speed 1 and 2 – No Requirement
Less Pistol reload time

The Determined Traveler – Master Pistol Blueprint from Crack in the Slab
More Pistol accuracy with the Spyglass

The Crimson Painter – Master Pistol Blueprint from Crack in the Slab
Makes Pistol feel like a shotgun

The Insistent Gentleman – Master Pistol Blueprint from Crack in the Slab
Improves Pistol Fire rate

The Red Siblings – Master Pistol Blueprint from Crack in the Slab
Fired in bursts of three

Dishonored 2 Grenade Upgrades

Impact Grenade – Impact Grenade Blueprint from the Royal Conservatory
Purchase Impact Grenades

Discreet Inquiry – Master Grenade Blueprint from Death to the Empress
Less Grenade noise

Sticky Grenade – Sticky Grenade Blueprint from the Dust District
Purchase Sticky Grenades

Storage – No Requirement
Increases Grenade storage

The Expansive Lady – Master Grenade Blueprint from Death to the Empress
Expands blast radius

Dishonored 2 Spring Razor Upgrades

Double Slice – Spring Razor Double Slice Blueprint
Spring Razor works twice

Max Radius – No Requirement
Expands damage radius of Spring Razors

Storage +2 – No Requirement
Expand Spring Razor storage by 2

Dishonored 2 Stun Mine Upgrades

Chain Lightning – Chain Lightning Blueprint from Clockwork Mansion
Hits enemies near the primary target

Charge 1 and 2 – No Requirement
Allows Stun Mines to function twice and three times if you another upgrade

Dishonored 2 Sword Upgrades

Crossing – No Requirement
Increases chances to win when Swords get locked

Monkey Wrench – Master Sword Blueprint in Death to the Empress
More damage against Clockwork Soldiers

Occult Kiss – Master Sword Blueprint in Death to the Empress
More damage against magic-using enemies

There are close to 100 Bonecharms in the game and more if you wish to craft some of them. These can be used to improve Corvo and Emily’s ability. They are divided into regular, black and corrupted Bonecharms.

Regular Bonecharms

Accommodating Host
Animal Possessions duration increased.

Climbing speed increased.

Agile Recovery
Quicker fall damage recovery.

Agile Will
Possession last longer.

More White Rats in Swarms.

Aquatic Nature
More swim speed.

Assassin’s Fortune
Bolt packs restore one extra Bolt.

Bird of Prey
Drop Assassination restores some HP.

Bitter Blood
Bloodflies attack you only if you get too close.

Blade Ballet
Spring Razors have a chance to destroy bodies.

Blast Resistant
Less damage from explosions.

Blood Sacrifice
Killing Bloodflies and Rats restores HP.

Carrion Killer
Gain Adrenaline from killing Rats and Bloodflies.

Grenades deal more damage.

Deep Grave
Gravehounds sometimes die automatically.

Duelist’s Skill
More bullet damage.

Electrical Burst
Increases Stun Mine area of effect.

Enduring Allies
Doppelgangers last longer.

Exacting Aim
More damage for Bolts.

Falling Star
Drop assassinations restore Mana.

Win locked-Sword contests more often.

Larger radius for Incendiary Grenades.

Ground Glider
Slide faster.

Gutter Feast
Consume White Rats to restore Mana.

Healthy Appetite
Food restores more Health.

Hot Cocktail
Exploding bottles deal slightly more damage.

Leviathan’s Mind
Regenerates Mana when you’re underwater.

Liquid Sustenance
Drinking from fountains restores a bit of Health.

Lucky Needle
Raises your chance to recover Sleep and Confusion Darts.

Relocation Sickness
Witches sometimes stumble after magical relocation.

Resilient Allies
Doppelgangers have more health.

Resounding Shriek
Howling Blasts are louder and have a larger radius.

Restorative Glimmer
Health regenerates when using Dark Vision.

Elixirs restore slightly more Health.

Savage Scream
Nestkeeper’s screams have a chance to kill all surrounding Bloodflies.

Shadow Embrace
Shadow Walk lasts slightly longer.

Spirit Water
Drinking from fountains restores a bit of Mana.

Elixirs restore slightly more Mana.

Spiritual Fortune
Drinking and using Mana Elixirs sometimes restores you to full Mana.

Spiritual Pool
Mana regenerates faster.

Spiritual Sacrifice
Killing Bloodflies and Rats restores your Mana.

Strong Arms
Enemies are choked faster.

Strong Lungs
You can hold your breath longer underwater.

Submerged Rage
You gain Adrenaline while underwater.

Swift Shadow
Increases movement speed in stealth mode.

Swift Stalker
Increases movement speed when your weapons are sheathed.

Synergetic Swarm
Rat swarms last slightly longer.

Tricky Timing
Enemy Grenades take longer to explode.

You move a bit faster when carrying a body.

Unfortunate Craftsmanship
Enemy Grenades sometimes malfunction.

Unnerving Target
Enemies sometimes drop Grenades and debris at their feet; oops!

Unsteady Hand
Enemies have a greater chance to miss with their projectiles.

You generate Adrenaline when you take melee damage from an enemy.

Void Rapture
Sometimes enemies fall unconscious when Mesmerize ends.

Raises your Sword’s attack speed.

Corrupted Bonecharms

Armored Bones
You take far less damage, but movement speed is reduced.

Bright Moon
Doppelgangers deal more damage but last half as long.

Clumsy Assassin
You gain invisibility briefly after knocking out or assassinating an enemy, but enemies can see and hear when you lean.

High Pressure
Grenades, oil tanks, and bottles deal more damage but have a smaller blast radius.

You take less damage from falling, but you lose half of your Health regeneration rate.

Power Slash
Your Sword blows deal greater damage, but your Sword attacks are slower.

Risky Parry
Your parries always throw enemies off balance, but you take more damage while parrying.

Shivering Silhouette
Enemies miss more often at range, but you are more visible to enemies.

Splintering Bolts
Bolts inflict far more damage, but they always break on impact.

Stolen Breath
Pulling enemies with Far Reach is now quiet, but it consumes more Mana for all uses.

Vengeance Trade
You accumulate Adrenaline faster.

Void Winds
Windblast is more powerful, but costs more Mana.

Witch’s Skin
Taking damage drains your Mana before your Health.

Zephyr Raises your walking and running speed, but you take more damage.

Black Bonecharms

Bloodfly Alchemy
An enemy’s first ranged attack turns into Bloodflies.

Cornered Animal
You deal much more attack damage when your Health is low.

Dark Extraction
Shadow Walk assassinations restore some of your Health.

Expansive Spirit
Increases your maximum Mana.

Fading Light
Far Reach and Blink cost zero Mana if used right after an assassination.

Familiar Scent
Wolfhounds cannot smell your character.

Fickle Beasts
White Wolfhounds fight on your side.

Fleet Fighter
Your movement doesn’t slow down when your weapons are unsheathed.

Adds to your maximum Health.

Invisible Thread
You are invisible during Far Reach movement.

Iron Roots
You are much less likely to be knocked down.

Leech Cuts
You gain Health when hitting people with your Sword or finishing assassinations.

Leviathan’s Breath
Running out of breath lowers your Mana before it starts lowering your Health.

Lucky Jam
Enemy Pistols have a higher chance of misfiring.

Mind Runner
You can sprint while inside human hosts during Possession.

Separation Trauma
Enemies are rendered unconscious when you end Possession.

Shadow Repose
You regain Health automatically during Shadow Walk.

Solid Landing
A shockwave damages enemies and objects when you land after falling from a great height.

Twin Leech
You regain Health while your Doppelganger is active.

Undying Swarm
Rat swarms repopulate over time.

Void Armor
Most of the damage you take is subtracted from Mana.

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