Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough ‘The Royal Conservatory – Killing Ashworth, Finding Audiograph

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete The Royal Conservatory without killing or alerting anyone and to earn Low Chaos status.

The Royal Conservatory essentially revolves around learning details regarding Empress Delilah from Breanna Ashworth. In order to do this, you must infiltrate the Royal Conservatory.

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Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide

In our Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing The Royal Conservatory without killing or alerting anyone.

Overseer Byrne

After arriving in the new area, you need to head right and deal with a guard a little ahead. From there, you should be able to find a few more guards near the buildings.

You basically need to wait for these guards to move away and then Far Reach to the left-hand side of the street. You should be able to find a group of civilians a little ahead. These civilians are actually enemies so you need to be extra careful.

In order to avoid these civilians, you need to Shadow Walk through them and head towards the Black Market on the left-hand side. Purchase whatever you want and head back towards the canal. You basically need to crouch your way towards the pawn shop in order to avoid detection.

In addition to this, also note that there are 3 enemies stationed at the rooftop which can be dealt with rather ease. From the rooftop, access the chamber of the Overseer and learn everything there is to learn about the mission.

The Royal Conservatory

Once you have found everything you need, head forward towards the conservatory through an open window. There are a few enemies in the area which is why you need to make sure that you move on an elevated position.

Once you are inside, you encounter a couple of Witches. You should have absolutely no problems in knocking them out as soon as you see them separated. However, you must hide their bodies to avoid any unfavourable circumstances.

From there, you need to head towards the main hallway and knock out another Witch patrolling the area. This area is pretty hard and requires a lot of patience. You must let a couple of Witches to come closer before knocking them out, hiding their bodies, and moving forward.

In addition to this, there are Witches in the upper area as well which is why you need to move from cover to cover and avoid detection. Once you are on the third-floor, you need to destroy Bloodflies in the area and call the elevator. As soon as you call the elevator, hide someplace safe and wait for the Witch to arrive and knock her out.

Once you are inside the elevator, Far Reach through the hole to reach the library, and then head through the window to get out of the library. Once you are out, you need to the office located on the opposite side of the hallway in order to find some lenses.

Take the nearby door in order to come to a ledge to come across a Rune and some enemies. Try to deal with the enemies using your ranged attacks and Far Reach to the altar.

Once you are inside the office, loot everything there is, and make sure to stay clear of Delilah’s statue.

From there, head back to the second-floor of the conservatory and use lenses on the Oraculum. Once you are done, pull the lever to complete your objective.

After dealing with the previous objective, head over to the first-floor of the conservatory and head to the basement. You should be able to find the Archive Key inside the Quartermaster’s Room. You need to take this key further down the basement and use it to acquire Ashworth’s Audiograph which is required to complete the mission.

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