Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough ‘The Grand Palace Guide – Entering the Palace, Finding the Duke

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete The Grand Palace in order to enter the Grand Palace and dealing with the Duke.

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete The Grand Palace in order to enter the Grand Palace and deal with the Duke.

In The Grand Palace mission, you not only have to deal with the Duke but also locate Delilah’s spirit in order to counter her immortality and deal with her once and for all to complete the game.

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Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide

In our Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide, we have discussed everything you need to know about completing The Grand Palace in the game.

Ravina Boulevard

After starting the mission, proceed through the only available area and eavesdrop on the conversation of two smugglers before moving on. You need to continue following the docks until the path splits and take the right-hand side path.

You basically need to head inside the Winslow Safe Company and loot the Apartment Key from the register. Once done, return to the beggar you saw earlier and take the left-hand side path.

Instead of approaching the enemies head-on, Far Reach to the balconies directly above the road. From there, you need to Far Reach to the Watch Tower and then onto the next apartment building.

You basically need to reach the third floor and use the Apartment Key to find a whole ton of goodies inside. There is also a door nearby which should take you to the next portion of the map.

Once you are on the other side, you need to Far Reach below, avoid the enemies, Far Reach towards the carriageway, and towards the Palace.

Finding Duke

The entire Palace is full of enemies, but our main job is to find the Duke and his double. The thing that you need to note here is that the Duke can be found in different locations. The five locations in which the Duke usually appears are the private garden, the throne room, 3rd-floor office, private quarters, or Delilah’s chamber.

You need to look for the Duke in these locations and try to avoid getting detected at all costs.

Double Cross

For this, you basically need to get the Medal from Duke Abele and Chest Key from the double. Once you are done, Far Reach towards the private garden, but do not go all the way to the ground floor.

Instead use Dark Vision to find some cables leading to a panel and disable the device by removing a Whale Oil Tank. Once you are done, return to the garden, knock out an Elite Guard as well as the Duke. Loot his Vault Key and proceed towards the Vault.

You need to disable another Arc Pylon, but there is no need to engage the Clockwork Soldier. Wait for it to move away and carry the Duke inside. When inside the Vault, use the effigy to trap Delilah’s Spirit and leave the Duke near the inner Vault door.

From there, head inside the Palace, proceed towards the secret passage and find Duke on the other side of the inner Vault door. From there, carry the Duke to his room upstairs, put him on his bed, and trigger the cut-scene.

After watching the cut-scene, head towards the Duke’s private dock and wait for Captain Foster to pick you up.

The Dreadful Wale

After waking up, head over to the Briefing Area, and speak with Sokolov followed by examining his recent work. Once you are done, head towards the ashore.

This is all we have on our Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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