Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough ‘The Good Doctor Guide – Finding Hamilton, The Crown Killer

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete The Good Doctor without killing or alerting anyone and to earn Low Chaos status.

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete The Good Doctor without killing or alerting anyone and to earn Low Chaos status.

The Good Doctor basically revolves around dealing with the Crown Killer, finding Anton Sokolov, and learning more from Alexandria Hypatia.

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Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide

In our Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing The Good Doctor without killing or alerting anyone.

The Addermire Institute

You need to arrive at the Addermire Institute and into the small building directly in front of you. There are three enemies in the area. You basically need to wait for each of them to leave the area, follow them one by one, and knock them out.

You can head right if you want to get a Raw Whalebone, otherwise, head to your left-hand side. Continue following the path and crawl through the open window to arrive in a kitchen.

Without making much noise, continue towards the dining area. There are a few enemies in this area so use extra caution. It is a good idea to lure the enemies one by one and then taking them out. Sleeping Darts work really well in this situation. Once have dealt with enemies and other people, make sure to move the bodies to the pantry.

In addition to this, there is another enemy located on the farthest right-hand side corner of the area. From this area, head out the gate on the right-hand side, immediately knock out an enemy, and hide his body.

There is another enemy nearby who can also be knocked out in the same manner. Once you are done, locate a Wall of Light in the near distance. As with the ones we encountered earlier, you need to Far Reach to the top of the area in order to disable the device. Once done, grab the map from the main area before moving ahead.

Hypatia’s Office

You need to head towards the stairs and knock down an alone enemy a little ahead. However, do make sure to hide the body. Once done, head up the stairs and knock out the Elite Guard after you see her resting for a while.

From there, head back to the stairs and through an open door to knock out another guard on the terrace. Go towards the stairs and lure an enemy out by making some noise followed by Far Reaching to the chandelier to knock out another guard.

There are a couple of enemies and a few collectables that you should try and take care of. This will make things easier for you in the long run. Once you are done, head back to the stairs, get to the office, and read the notice on your left-hand side. Once you are done, head inside the office and loot everything i.e. key, journal, etc.

Finding Hamilton

Head out of the office and proceed to the second floor followed by heading inside a door using the key you found in Hypatia’s Office. There are plenty of enemies in the area so make sure to take your time, solo out the enemies, and then knock them out one by one. Also make sure to hide the bodies to avoid any unnecessary troubles later on.

After heading inside the room using the key, you get to meet Hamilton and learn more about the Crown Killer. Moreover, do not forget to grab the key directly behind Hamilton.

After acquiring the key, you need to head back to the area and take the stairs to the very top. There is another set of stairs near the corner which lead to Hamilton’s Quarters. There is a Bolt-Thrower Trap in the area as well.

After heading inside Hamilton’s Quarters, loot everything in sight and also read a diary to learn more about the mission.

Locating Vasco

Once you have read the diary, you need to head over to the third-floor and inside the right-hand side door. Continue through the area and head to the lab to speak with Dr. Hypatia. There are a bunch of Bloodflies in the area so be on your toes.

Once you are done, head to the backside of the lab and speak with Vasco. Speaking with Vasco should provide you with a keycode that you need to use in order to open up a safe in the area where you meet Hamilton.

The safe yields a journal which provides you access to a syringe located inside the next door lab. Once you have the syringe, you need to take a sample from the body located in the Bloodflies area and create serum in the lab. After formulating the serum, head to the recuperation area on the third-floor.

The Crown Killer

At this point, you simply need to follow the waypoint to locate the Crown Killer. You can utilize your Dark Vision ability to keep track of the target. Once you have the target in your sight, sneak behind the Crown Killer and use the syringe to complete the objective.

Once done, head inside the lab and find an Audiograph to learn more about Sokolov’s whereabouts.

Head over to the first floor and to the kitchen area. There are two enemies in there which can be dealt with by making some noise and luring them out one by one.

From there, Far Reach to the Watchtower, remove the Whale Oil Tank, and meet up with Captain Foster in the lower docks. This should allow you to leave the area and start the next mission.

This is all we have on our Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide, if there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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