Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough ‘Edge of the World Guide – Finding Mindy, Reaching Addermire Station

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete Edge of the World mission without killing or alerting enemies and achieving No Chaos.

Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide to help you complete Edge of the World mission without killing or alerting enemies and achieving No Chaos.

Edge of the World basically revolves around heading over to Addermire Station in order to learn more about the Crown Killer.

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Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough

In our Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough, we have detailed everything you need to know about completing Edge of the World and getting Low Chaos status.

Black Market Location

The first thing that you need to do after getting off the vessel is to find Mindy inside the yard after climbing through the buildings. It is important that you agree to help Mindy if you wish to proceed through the mission.

You can, however, delay Mindy’s task a little and continue finding the Black Market. The market is located inside the building with the symbol that Captain Foster mentions. You should also consider opening up the gate near the yard to help you with completing Mindy’s task.

Recovering the Body

Once you are done with the Black Market, it is time to consider the job that Mindy assigned. In order to do this, you need to stay on the quay and proceed towards a Wall of Light in front of you. There is no reason for you to directly head inside the Wall of Light.

Firstly, you need to look for a nearby building with words like “SEIZED” and “Condemned due to Infestation” and get behind the Wall of Light. Remember that if you try and enter it directly, it will result in your demise. You basically need to reach the building’s third-floor.

However, do note that there are several Bloodflies inside the building, but killing them should not affect anything at all! Once you are on the third-floor, go all the way to the opposite side in order to take a staircase, break open a door, and find yourself on the backside of the Wall of Light you saw earlier.

After you arrive in the new area, head to the left-hand side balcony and then Far Reach to the balcony across the lane. From this area, head inside and deal with an Overseer. Once done, Far Reach to the building’s third-floor and deal with another Overseer without making a lot of noise.

Proceed through the alleyway undetected and head towards the stairs. In the next section, deal with a couple of Overseers after separating them and loot their bodies in order to find a key. Use this key in order to unlock the interrogation room and find the body that you were asked to recover.

Once you have the body, you need to head out through an open window and Far Reach to the right-hand side area. At this point, you must make sure that there are no enemies nearby and Far Reach to further right-hand side once again. Continue following the waypoint and head over to Mindy inside the basement.

Addermire Station

After completing Mindy’s task, return to the area with the interrogation room, but instead of heading inside the room, but use Far Reach to drop down into the area below. If done perfectly, you should be able to knock out an enemy. After heading down, hide the body and continue ahead.

As soon as you see some walkways in front of you, Far Reach to them, avoid a couple of enemies, and jump into the carriage in order to complete the mission.

This is all we have on Dishonored 2 No Kills Stealth Walkthrough Guide. If there is anything else you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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