Dishonored 2 No Kill Walkthrough Explained, Level Design, Abilities, Playstyles

It has been quite a wait for a follow up to the critically acclaimed Dishonored. While, Arkane Studios is adding new features to Dishonored 2, they are also expanding on what they built for the first game.

Speaking with PlayStation Access, Dishonored 2 creative director, Harley Smith, discussed some interesting things about the game. Smith discussed the level design, how players can approach each mission and most interesting of all how players can complete the mission without killing anyone.

According to Smith each mission is like a mini open world and players can choose take the path of chaos or stealth or a mixture of both. He also confirmed that Dishonored 2 can be played without killing anyone.

Each mission is like a mini open-world, right? That’s what we like, we like to do the mission style so we can leave it behind and go to a totally new setting, but while you are in it, it”s very open and non-linear. You can play high-chaos or low-chaos, even as Corvo, you can invest in one set of powers or another set of powers. You can play very violently, or very stealthily. You can literally play without killing a single person.

However, completing the game without killing anyone is nothing new to Dishonored franchise. As in Dishonored, players can also complete the game without killing anyone, and the outcome of the game also depends on player’s play style.

We hope that Arkane Studio will bring back multiple endings depending on player’s play style to Dishonored 2.

Recently, Smith also revealed that Assassin Ability upgrades in Dishonored 2 have changed significantly compared to the first game.

He revealed that Corvo will have the same powers as he did in Dishonored, but he will have new ability upgrades. On the other hand, Emily will have a completely new set of abilities, and the abilities will also reflect the personalities of both characters.

Dishonored 2 is scheduled to release on November 11, 2016 for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

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