Dishonored 2 Flesh And Steel Mode Will Let You Play Without Powers

According to game director, Harvey Smith Dishonored 2 Flesh and Steel mode will let players play without any powers, as Emily can refuse Outsider's offer.

Ever since Bethesda revealed Dishonored 2 back in E3 2015 fans were restless to see the actual gameplay of the game, and Bethesda did not disappoint. Now Arkane Studios are adding Dishonored 2 Flesh and Steel mode to the game.

In Dishonored 2 players can either play as Corvo or Emily and there are many ways to complete your missions. You can choose to use you supernatural powers or just complete the mission in good old fashioned way.

However, according to game director, Harvey Smith, revealed that there is a third option in Dishonored 2. In an interview with GameSpot Harvey revealed that when Emily meets the Outsider, the mysterious man who granted Corvo his supernatural powers, and he offers the same as he did to Corvo. Emily can actually refuse the Outsider, and players can play through the game without using any kind of supernatural abilities.

The game director calls this mode as Dishonored 2 Flesh and Steel mode. He also reminded that in the Dishonored there is an achievement called “Mostly Flesh and Steel” which can only be obtained if players finish the game without purchasing any supernatural abilities except for Blink.

Bethesda revealed the gameplay for Dishonored 2 at its E3 conference. total of two missions were shown during the conference; Dust District and A Crack in the Slab.

In the Dust District we see Emily climbing on he buildings in Dishonored 2 new map city of Karnaca, and she also taking this route due to the guards on streets. During this mission, Arkane Studios also showed off some special powers of Emily.

However, the emphasis of the second mission was puzzle solving. We saw our character jump through time from past to present and present to past, in order to solve puzzles and complete the mission.

Arkane Studios has stated in the past that Dishonored 2 will empower the stealth elements and build up on the powers present in the previous game.

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