Dishonored 2 Bonecharms Locations Guide To Help You Customize Character Abilities

Dishonored 2 comes packed with an intense storyline and two playable characters – Emily and Corvo. Once again, stealth is at the heart of Dishonored 2 along with plenty of hidden secrets, puzzles, challenges and more.

Among other aspects of the game, the game offers Bonecharms that are a very important part of Dishonored 2. You need Bonecharms to give your characters different types of bonuses.

You can use Crafting ability to craft Bonecharms and customize your character with various abilities. However, you can also find them spread throughout different sections of the game.

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Dishonored 2 Bonecharms Locations

A Long Day in Dunwell

There are no Bonecharms in this mission.

Edge of the World

Bonecharm #1 – Go to the infested building to find a charm on the second floor. It become visible once you destroy the nest.

Bonecharm #2 – Outside the Overseer building, there is a table that contains not only a rune but bonecharm.

Bonecharm #3 – Climb on top of the overseer building and locate the building with a dead body on the top. Use Blink/Far Reach to reach the building. Kill the growing bloodflies before you grab the ruin.

Bonecharm #4 – The next bonecharm is inside an apartment on the second floor before the canal area. Kill the Overseers inside to before getting the charm off of the floor.

Bonecharm #5 – Another bonecharm is inside the large safe in Winslow Safe Company. The company is at the end of the level, use the code 508 to open the safe.

Bonecharm #6 – Close to the top of the Overseer building is a locked Interrogation Room. You will find the key to this room inside the room with a Overseer to the right.

The Good Doctor

Bonecharm #7 – Right at the start this mission you need to locate a pipe behind you. The pipe is underneath the walkway. Grab the bonecharm underneath the platform you reach by Blink/Far Reach.

Bonecharm #8 –  From the Recuperation Room on the third floor, you need to locate Iron Lungs and open these large size containers. allows One of them will let you crawl through to a damaged room with the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #9 – Reach the highest roof to get the charm. Go to the fourth floor and Blink/Far Reach onto the middle roof above. Now reach the smokestack and from there, onto the highest possible rooftop. Bonecharm is inside a bird’s nest.

Bonecharm #10 – Inside a lab near  Dr. Hypatia on the second floor by going through the Recuperation Room on the third floor.

The Clockwork Mansion

Bonecharm #11 – Near the main street of the district, locate the building with a balcony over the road. Use the Blink/Far Reach reach the balcony to reach the mayor’s place. There is a bonecharm inside.

Bonecharm #12 – Second floor of the carriage station, a guard as well as an Elite Guard are nearby.

Bonecharm #13 –  In the Upper Aventa District, go to the guard building near the carriage station. Go to the second floor, first room, to find the charm.

Bonecharm #14 – Reach the Assessment Chamber level and locate an Elite Guard that petrols the area. Behind her route there is a small machine that has a drawer in front of it with the bonecharm inside.

Bonecharm #15 –  In the Assessment Chamber level you will also find a level that is used to move the guest waiting area. Pull this lever and rush into an area between the two floors while the machine is working. The spot with take you to the bottom. Press the buttom to once again send it back up. One more recess is up there. Look for a dead body and a bonecharm.

Bonecharm #16 – Use Blink/Far Reach to get to the main area of the district where the civilians are standing.  Locate the pipes above and reach the balcony that overlooks the area.  Go into the apartment look for the charm.

Bonecharm #17 – Go to Jindosh’s bedroom, Use a level inside the room rush into a corner room while it descends into a lower area. You will find a charm in that area.

The Royal Conservatory

Bonecharm #18 – Go pass the very first wall of light, locate the apartment building to the right head inside. The boncecharm is on the second floor bar table.

Bonecharm #19 – Go to the base of the Conservatory and locate the located room. To go in, you first need to start from main entrance and head right.  Find two small windows and crawl through the left window to access the locked room.

Bonecharm #20 – Go into the condemned building after the first Wall of Light. Look for the large safe, the charm in nearby.

Bonecharm #21 – Go to the small room on the fourth floor, It is off of the storage room above Ashworth’s office. The small room has the charm inside.

Bonecharm #22 – The next bonecharm is near the fourth floor. You need to start in the storage room and jump out of an open window onto a small walkway. From here, use you heart to track the charm.

Bonecharm #23 – Loot Breanna Ashworth’s body for two bonecharms.

The Dust District

Bonecharm #24 – The next bonecharm is inside the black market. Go to the rear and use the code 428 in order to enter. take the charm from the desk.

Bonecharm #25 – Go to the third floor of the Overseer compound and into the Byrne’s desk to grab the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #26 – You need to get as close as possible to the Overseer territory and use your heart to track the charm. It is still on neutral ground so don’t go into the Overseer area,  instead, locate a damaged building Blink/ Far Reach to its second floor.

Bonecharm #27 – On the second floor of Crone’s Hand Saloon, Durante has as an office. The locked office can be unlocked via a key from the Overseer building. Get the key and enter the office to take the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #28 – There is a Bonecharm in the basement of Crone’s Hand Saloon.

Bonecharm #29 – Eliminate Paolo in the Howler’s area and loot him for the bonecharm.

Crack in the Slab

Bonecharm #30 – Locate the elevator in the center of the house, on the ground floor. Jump onto a small lip over the elevator using a nearby barrel. Use the timepiece to transition and go through a hatch and them inside the elevator to grab the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #31 – Go to the second floor using the elevator Reach the balcony on the left that overlooks the dining room. Go to the past and jump to the furthest chandelier in the room. Transition to the present and leap to the fallen joists, from there, climb to the attic and grab the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #32 – Use the heart to locate the black bonecharm and get as close to it as possible while exploring. Once you are nearby, take a look at the debris. Use the timepiece to go to the past and you will notice a desk in the same spot.

Crawl underneath the desk and transition to enter the locked boiler room. Go to the past and you will get a bonecharm in the boiler room.

The Grand Palace

Bonecharm #33 – Go near the Wall of Light in the Rivina District. There are two apartment buildings. they first one has a bonecharm in the second floor bathroom.

Bonecharm #34 – Go to the Throne Room in the Palace to find the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #35 – There is small room on the first floor of the palace, it is near the banquet hall. The bonehcarm is inside the room, use your heart to track it.

Bonecharm #36 – There is another bonecharm on the third floor of the palace. Go up and check out the suite on the right side. The charm is hidden inside one of the bathroom drawers.

Bonecharm #37 – From the Winslow Safe Company, Blink/ Far Reach to the balcony across. Destroy the bloodfies and open a vise to the right.

Bonecharm #38 – Go to the pantry in the basement and open the Duke’s Vault. Locate a Recessed button and use it to open the vault and get the bornecharm.

Death to the Empress

Bonecharm #39 – Near Dunwell Tower, there is a green house. Enter the deal with the three witches before getting the bonecharm from a basket.

Bonecharm #40 – Locate the warterlock building left of the yards before you enter the Tower. Go toward it and use the heart to track the bonecharm. Use the walkways on the side of the building and jump over the wall to kill two witches before taking the bonecharm from a wodden box.

Bonecharm #41 – Take out the High Overseer at the Dunwell Tower entry way and take the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #42 – Go to the second floor of the Dunwell Tower. Go to the room on the left side of the main hallway. Kill the witch inside and take the bonecharm.

Bonecharm #43 – There is another bonecharm on the same floor. Look for a window in the wooden paneling close to clieing level. Use your Blink/Far Reach to go through it and reach the secret room for the bonecharm.

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