Disciples: Liberation Has Branching Choices In Almost Every Quest, Romanceable Companions, Flexible Factions

Choices are central to the role-playing experience of Disciples: Liberation where each decision made will influence the dark fantasy world of Nevendaar.

Speaking with SegmentNext in a recent interview, creative director Jordane Thiboust stated “every single quest, including side quests, has choices in them” with several of them having multiple endings.

Choices are hence not limited to just a few narrative junctions. Disciples: Liberation will keep players on their toes on every questline as every choice directly impacts companions, standings with factions, or the world in general.

There are however no “bad choices” which either fail a quest or force players to restart. The concept here, according to Thiboust, is to have players truly role-play as they wish. There are no restrictions to what kind of a role players want to take in Disciples: Liberation. Depending on choices made, they can be anything from a good-natured leader to an authoritative conqueror.

Furthermore, the faction system itself has been designed to be flexible. Completing quests (including the choices within) will impact standings with every faction progressively. That can potentially cause some factions to become hostile over time or to break existing alliances. That being said, players will not have to be concerned about faction statuses.

“It is entirely possible to focus on one faction to max your standing as quickly as possible, but even if you have a change of heart, there are plenty of opportunities to mend the relationships that might be lower,” explained Thiboust.

With nine companions to recruit, each of whom have their own questlines and can potentially be romanced, Disciples: Liberation promises an epic dark fantasy tale with a lot of narrative control over the course of more than 80 hours.

Frima Studio has only confirmed two factions for the time being: the humans and the undead. There will naturally be many more but the developer is not ready to reveal them just yet. Thiboust instead pointed out how every faction has a dual component for “varied units, both in terms of gameplay and aesthetics.”

The Empire, for example, has units that represent its public face with Priestess, Soldier, and Paladin. The Empire however also has a dark hidden side with Assassin and Arcanists, as well as horrifying creatures that are the result of unholy experiments.

Disciples: Liberation is already hosting an early alpha with an open beta set for summers. The final release will take place in late 2021 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, and PC.

The game will be running at a glorious 4K resolution with higher quality textures, better anti-aliasing, and support for high dynamic range display on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X alongside a whole bunch of quality-of-life improvements in a bid to evolve the decade-old franchise.

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