How to Fix Disciples III Renaissance Errors, Crashes, and Freezes

Disciples III Renaissance is a turn based strategy game developed by Akella Studio .dat. PC version of the game was highly anticipated by the followers.

Disciples III Renaissance is a turn based strategy game developed by Akella Studio. PC version of the game was highly anticipated by the followers of the series, but it was presented again in the form bugs plagued product. Hasty or negligence at developers end ? its hard to say as such large projects can never be perfect.

But how we should tell this to a fan who waited for like 5 years for the sequel to Disciples II and was presented again with a game full of crap ?. This is something that developers need to focus on. Anyway the patch is surely in the works as the developers have asked for a list of bugs on the official forums so that they can resolve all these issues.

Meanwhile you can read the fix guide below to all the workarounds that can be used to resolve the specific problems you are facing.

Disciples 3 Renaissance Errors Bugs Crashes Freezes Fixes
1# Tutorial Freezes after Pressing “Continue”
Most of the times nVidia users face this issue while playing the tutorial of the game.You should update your graphic card drivers to resolve it.

2# Original disk not found
Please make sure the original disk is inserted into a drive and can be accessed by the computer.
There is no Fix for this Bug in some game copies (even Legit game owners get this). The only way to Fix it is to Get A New Copy of your disk.

3# Mouse Cursor hangs
Go into your game folder then into System folder.
Right-click on a file called, “user”. It is a configuration settings file, and edit it.
About 27 lines or so down, you’ll see a text string with the following:


int gHardwareCursor = 1;

Try changing the 1 to 0 and see what happens.
Be sure to save the file when you’re done. (Always good to make a backup if you start changing too many things.)

Or try to play the game in Window-ed Mode (not full screen).

4#  “Corrupted Files Error” During Installation
This happens when you download your game instead of buying Hardcopy, and the files get corrupted while downloading, check if you have all downloaded all the files. In case you did it via steam check the integrity of the downloaded game or download the game again to resolve this issue.

5# Error: “The operating system denied access to the specified file”
Run the game as Administrator. Right click on the game executable and run the game as admin. You can also go to properties of executable then compatibility tab, and check ‘Run as Admin’.

6# Can’t save in Disciples 3
Try to re-install the game OR start the game as Admin ( right click on the game and press Run as admin).

Disciples III General Common Bugs , Errors , and Suggestions
Here is a very long list of common bugs and errors in the game, in case you are facing one of these, wait for the official patch as it is in the works.


  1. Capital guardian and boundary guardians can be transferred into your moving team.
  2. Occasionally, other race’s capital will be selected
  3. Enemy can cast spell during the beginning of the player’s turn. This is counted as if the player is casting the spell.
  4. Unable to double-click on capital or town to select it.
  5. Statues, spells and potions’ effect do not stack. If the spell +30 Endurance is used, taking +15 Physical Attack Statue will nullify the spell’s effect.
  6. All neutral towns have the same name (Neutral Town). This makes the player hard to distinguish which town is selected.
  7. Town does not provide defense bonus anymore.
  8. Disappearing cursor after dialogue, Combat can still be initiated with 0 movement point.
  9. Provocations done by Thief do not reduce movement points if succeeded.
  10. Experience gained not calculated properly when unit levels up. It shows a ridiculous amount of experience gained when unit levels up.
  11. Potions are not carried over to a new act.
  12. When you upgrade a unit in the training camp then switching to another unit the previous unit is still there along with the picture of the upgraded unit.
  13. Opening the help menu during combat results in distorted colours.
  14. The mouse will sometimes lock-up after dialogue scenes end.
  15. In skirmish or hotseat health regeneration doesn’t work, in castles you regenerate little but while somewhere on the map it doesn’t work at all.
  16. Sometimes when you try to build, you end up in another town (from another race). It seems saving and reloading fixes it.
  17. Sometimes your group disappears. You can’t see it on the map and you can’t select it. If you save and reload, the problem is still there. You have to load a previous save (if you don’t have one, you’re screwed and have to start the map again).
  18. Holy Avengers Dual Strike + cover freezes the game.


  1. Highlight (“Alt” button) does not get updated when the player moves the screen away. Only Place of Interests in the initial view get highlighted
  2. Objects that aren’t interact-able are highlighted . Even spawning points are highlighted when the Highlight hotkey (Alt) is pressed.
  3. Bridges are not rendered completely.
  4. Unit doesn’t disappear after killed.
  5. Occasionally, a graphic glitch will happen. Clicking the leader’s picture will bring out LotD’s leader interface.
  6. More graphic glitch. This time it’s the building screen.
  7. Some “faces” disappear and you can only see the background image. They reappear after a while.
  8. Sometimes, when you start a map over, you get a grey box with a button that does nothing instead of the starting dialogue and you can’t click on other buttons (for instance the option button).


  1. Neutral towns do not have any indication on how many units can be inside. This makes the player hard to plan the amount of unit that should be built.
  2. No indications on Neutral Town’s level.
  3. Thief’s Double Strike is not listed in the character description.
  4. To see all enemies in a stack, you have to press shift and right click stack on world map, then right click and hold on the different images. This does not enable you to see the effect of their special abilities. This is extra complicated and tedious.
  5. You can not switch between heroes in the hero screen.
  6. Unit health is not always displayed on main screen so you have to right click each unit to check how damaged it is. I had a 700 HP unit damaged by 200 which was not detectable on sight, only on right click.
  7. Same in city display. If you want to heal a unit you have to right click first to check health.
  8. Enemy hero stacks can be on same field as a neutral stack on world map.
  9. Setting a path on world map will not show wether neutral stack on the way have to be fought or are avoided.
  10. Move path should be shown on battle map too.
  11. The right click and hold system is not very user friendly.
  12. Left clicking on an unit icon beneath hero on world map triggers ‘can not move here’ though it is obvious that no place on map was clicked at all.
  13. Moving next to an enemy stack will trigger combat without crossed swords are being shown as cursor.


  1. Elixir of Accuracy and Powder of Accuracy provides Dexterity bonus but description specify + %d to Agility
  2. Wind Essence provides Agility bonus but description specify % to Dexterity.
  3. The floating text of the skill: Rage is written as “The warrior’s strength is increased by $(str) but the accuracy of his strikes is lowered by $(dex).”
  4. Some skills do not have descriptions
  5. Provocations done by Thief show up in Objective.
  6. In Shop’s description, Warrior Nun is listed as Girl Warrior.
  7. Some skills are not described in the character description. Making the player confused what is the skill’s purpose.
  8. Some of the tutorial text does not match with the video and the title.
  9. The agility permanent potion add + 5 to dexterity and not to agility .
  10. Same the 10 turns powder of accuracy, it gives + 30 to dexterity and not to agility.
  11. The buffs from various places across the map do not stay 10 turns (like is suggested when you keep the mouse over the buff name ) .


  1. AI is suicidal. Even with 1 healer left, it constantly attacks main team only to retreat.
  2. AI does not build aggressively (This can be proven when AI’s capital is selected).
  3. AI does not train units.
  4. AI does not attack the capital even if it is empty (Refer to General #1)
  5. Ineol’s Lightning Bolt ability does no damage nor does it simply miss. The lightning visual effect is displayed, but otherwise it is like the game does not register it. When the AI controls Ineol, Lightning Bolt works as intended.
  6. Some enemies are immortal. You kill a group, they’re still on the map with one creature left. You kill that creature, they’re still on the map, with the same creature still at 100% life.


  1. In quick combat, sometimes the mage unit will tank and get killed.
  2. Combat log is not updated to the latest event.
  3. During attack animations, special skill can still be casted.
  4. Some units are immune to magic casted in the World Map, but in battle, it is still affected by scrolls/runes.
  5. Sometimes special skill cannot be used (not appearing in the interface) in the first turn.
  6. The Combat log doesn’t display events properly during longer combats.

Elves Campaign

  1. Act I: Killing the Hellhound before meeting the Druid will make the game to be unable to progress later on. The player will get the objective again after meeting the Druid, but the demon attacking the city will not spawn again.
  2. Act I: Occasionally after killing the Hellhound, the game will progress to LotD’s turn and nothing will happen. Although, the player can control the camera.
  3. Act II: During the beginning of the map when the LotD (3 leaders) is attacking the capital, loading the “battlesave” will stop the attack, letting the player to enter and heal the team.


  1. Master of Treasure shows collected chest of more than 100%. It should be <=100%.

Patch Please.

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