Disc-based Hitman Delayed Until 2017

The new Hitman game is releasing episodically in digital format this year, starting from tomorrow March 11th on PS4, Xbox One and PC but disc-based Hitman will release once each episode has released, but it won’t now happen until 2017.

Hitman was originally intended to release in 2015 as a full title, but IO Interactive pushed it back in order to get as much into the game as possible. This news was coupled with the announcement of an episodic release, with the disc-based Hitman arriving late 2016.

Unfortunately those waiting for this physical version will now have even longer to wait to take control of Agent 47 once again.

Hitman will take players all over the World over seven separate episodes. Locations will include settings such as Italy, Morocco, Japan and the USA.

Delays are becoming a huge part of AAA releases unfortunately, with Uncharted 4:A Thief’s End and Total War: Warhammer recently suffering the same fate. Fortunately the first episode of Hitman is scheduled for release tomorrow and so far we are set to receive every other episode on a monthly basis.

Hitman is a re-vitalisation of the classic stealth-based series, with a more open-ended feel to proceedings following the relatively linear 2012 game Hitman: Absolution. Agent 47 will once again don his black suit and red tie to take out his marks in whichever way he sees fit.

The reason for delay has not been verified by either IO Interactive or Square Enix so far. Is the constant stream of delays annoying for you?

Would you prefer it if developers allowed more time for their game in the first place instead of continually pushing their release date back? Join the conversation below and let us know.