Dirt Rally to Get Physical Release in Two Weeks, Suggests Amazon

It has been a while since Dirt Rally came out as a PC exclusive; however, the game was only released through digital distribution, no physical release was made for the racing video game.

Now, it looks like developer Codemasters has decided to change that; without announcing anything officially, they might be planning a physical, boxed release of the game.

A listing for Dirt Rally was sighted on retailing giant Amazon’s German website where it is slated for a release on December 8, 2015. This means if you are a fan you could actually get yourself a boxed copy of the game in two weeks’ time!

Of course a retailer listing is never the final word when it comes to leaks, but as compared to most of the other types of sources that such leaks are based on, the retailers stand a greater chance of actually outing something.

That being said, Amazon listings have been the reason for release dates being unofficially outed for tons of games in the past so there is no harm expecting this to be an actual release date too.

The fact that Dirt Rally did not have any physical version in the talks so far, and we suddenly have Amazon listing it for a retail release is also suggestive that there are some chances it is legit.

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