Dirt Rally 2.0 Force Feedback Fix, Racing Wheel Not Being Detected, Black Screen, Stuttering Fix

Dirt Rally 2.0 PC version is facing issues like odd Force Feedback, game not detecting the racing wheel and more and here are their fixes.

Dirt Rally 2.0 has launched for PC and consoles with great critical reception. However, Dirt Rally 2.0 PC version is facing issues like the game not detecting the racing wheel, crash at launch, black screen and more.

Here I have compiled a list of Dirt Rally 2.0 errors and issues like odd Force Feedback along with their possible fixes and workarounds. So that you can play the game without any problem.

Dirt Rally 2.0 Force Feedback, Crashes, And Fixes

Dirt is a long-running racing franchise and Dirt Rally 2.0 is the latest installment in the series. The game brings the thrills of driving a car on rally tracks. Not only that, this time the game sees significant improvements in gameplay design.

Despite that, the PC version of Dirt Rally 2.0 is facing errors and issues like force feedback being weak, black screen, stuttering and more. The following are the errors and issues that players are experiencing along with their fixes.


Players are reporting that Force Feedback in Dirt Rally 2.0 is a bit odd as there is no road feel. While Codemasters will be fixing it but, here is a fix for this Dirt Rally 2.0 Force Feedback issue.

Go to your Steam folder and navigate to “steamapps/common/dirtrally2.0/input/devices” and open “device_defines”. I would recommend that you copy the file before you modify it.


Open the “device_defines” and look for “” and replace it with the following.

This will resolve the Dirt Rally 2.0 Force Feedback issue for you. Now, this is just a quick fix for the FFB issue if you want to further experiment with FFB settings then check out this link.

Logitech G27 Not Working

Some players have reported that the Logitech G27 racing wheel doesn’t work or even recognized by Dirt Rally 2.0. Here is a quick fix for this issue.

Open Steam and right-click on Dirt Rally 2.0 and select properties. In the General tab, you will find an option “Steam input Per-Game Setting”. Set it to None and save it. Now start the game and Dirt Rally 2.0 will start recognizing the Logitech G27 racing wheel.

Low FPS, Stuttering Fix

With so many PC configurations there are bound to be performance issues with PC games and Dirt Rally 2.0 is no exception. While the game is pretty optimized, some players are still experiencing stuttering and performance issue even on high-end systems.

Here are a few things that will help you eliminate stuttering and fix performance issues. If you are experiencing stuttering just right-click the game’s exe file and select “Properties”.

In the compatibility tab, check “run this program as an administrator”. Now start the game and the stuttering issue should be resolved.

If this doesn’t work for you then make sure you are using the latest GPU drivers. Also, check if there is any background process that is using too much of the CPU or HDD. If there is such a background process then end it.

For Nvidia GPU users, open “Nvidia Control Panel”, select “Manage 3D Settings” and then select “Program Settings”. Select the game from the list and set “Power Management Mode” to “Prefer Maximum Performance” and set Texture Filtering Quality to “High Performance”. These should eliminate stuttering and fix low FPS issue for you.

Those who own at least GTX 10 series GPUs, open “Nvidia Control Panel”, select “Manage 3D Settings” and then select “Program Settings”. Select the game from the list and set Vertical Sync to “Fast”. This will give you a potential FPS boost if you have the GPU or CPU to handle it.

Black Screen Fix

Black Screen is another issue that players are experiencing with Dirt Rally 2.0. The fix for this problem is quite simple.

Start the game when the black screen appears press “ALT + Enter” and the game will go into Windowed Mode and will start to display. Now go to display settings and change the game’s resolution to your monitor’s native resolution and you will be able to play the game in fullscreen.

If this doesn’t resolve the problem for you then the issue might be outdated GPU drivers. Update your GPU driver and the issue should resolve.

Crash At Launch, Crash Fix

Players are reporting that Dirt Rally 2.0 crashes randomly while for some players the game doesn’t even start and crashes at launch. Here are a few workarounds that might resolve these random crashes and crash at launch issue for Dirt Rally 2.0 for you.

For those who are facing random crashes, make sure you have installed the latest GPU drivers as they bring game-specific optimizations.

Another reason for the game to crash is the overclocked GPU. If you have overclocked your GPU then revert it back to its default clocks. If you have a factory overclocked GPU then try lowering the GPU clocks a bit and the issue should resolve.

For those who are experiencing crash at launch, your anti-virus software or Windows Defender might be detecting the game’s exe as a trojan virus. Either disable the anti-virus or make an exception for it in the anti-virus and the issue should resolve.

That is all for our Dirt Rally 2.0 errors with fixes for issues like Force Feedback, racing wheel not detecting, crash at launch and more along with their fixes and workarounds.

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