DiRT 4 Spotted in Nvidia Drivers, Announcement Coming?

The next DiRT game has been spotted in Nvidia drivers, meaning we could be close to an announcement. A 3D profile for the game rated as “Excellent” by Nvidia was located in the drivers. This indicates that they have already tested the game.

Surely, this is pretty exciting  news for DiRT fans waiting for another installment in the series.

DiRT 4

DiRT is without a doubt in development, it’s a only a matter of time before we hear an announcement. Previously, Codemasters was seen looking for Graphics Programmer for the next DiRT.

In a job listing they bluntly stated:

Codemasters’ award winning Racing Studio is expanding and looking for developers to work on the DiRT and Grid franchises. Based at the Company HQ Campus, just outside of Royal Leamington Spa in Warwickshire, the Racing Studio is looking for Graphics Programmers with experience designing, implementing and maintaining cutting edge rendering technology.

Alongside this listing, Codemasters said that the programmer is required for a “DiRTy little game” they are working on. So far they have done a pretty decent job of keeping a lid on things in terms of details.

Codemasters is currently deep into developing F1 2015. The game is close to release and I expect them to announce DiRT 4 after F1 2015 comes out. DiRT 4 will likely use the same engine used to develop F1 2015.

We can expect to hear more AT E3, so check back with us for more updates on the matter.

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