Dignitas Becomes the Sixth Team to Drop Overwatch, Fnatic and Luminosity to Follow

More esports organizations are reportedly parting ways with the game, just months before the potential inauguration of the Overwatch League.

Posting on its official website, Team Dignitas announced that it is releasing its entire Overwatch roster but will remain “optimistic about the long-term opportunity” presented by the game’s competitive environment. For now, it will not be fielding new players.

It is unfortunate to see another organization pull out, and even more so for Team Dignitas that had worked hard to make a comeback from its earlier slump. Following a recent series of commendable finishes, the roster was regarded as one of the better teams in the European Overwatch scene.

“We thank the players for their time and efforts with Team Dignitas; they are now free agents and we are confident they will be successful in future endeavors,” stated the management.

Team Dignitas is now the sixth major esports organization to drop its Overwatch roster. Most recently, both CompLexity Gaming and Splyce made an exit. Prior to that were Red Reserve, Team SoloMid, and Denial Esports. According to a report from Over.gg, Fnatic and Luminosity Gaming are also set to bail on the game in the coming days.

There is concern about the high cost of entry to the Overwatch League, which is rumored to be far too high for most organizations. Most recently, a report suggested that New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft and Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross have both purchased the first two slots in the League, where the former paid up to $20 million.

Those who are unable to invest in the league also face problems because they are unable to rely on the limited third-party competitive scene. The lack of events make competitive Overwatch not viable from a financial standpoint.

Blizzard is expected to drop concrete details about the Overwatch League soon. It already issued a statement last week to curb some of the misunderstandings running rampant.

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