Digital Games Sales Hit $61.3 Billion in 2015 with PC and League of Legends Dominating

Digital Games hit $61.3 billion in 2015 with PC and League of Legends dominging. Clash of Clans did well in mobile gaming too.

Digital games are getting stronger and stronger, and in data that may surprise some the real money is made through PC gaming. League of Legends, Clash of Clans, and CrossFire are the games fuelling the success.

This information is based on a new report by SuperData Research which reveals that the revenue from digital games has brown to $61.3 billion in 2015. This is a rise of 8% and as you can see from the data showing the PC and Mobile revenues, most of the profit is in PC gaming (which is in USD millions).

With League of Legends at the top of the PC list ($1.6billion), the amount of money made is very impressive especially when this is in millions. Looking at the mobile list, Clash of Clans ($1.3 billion) sits at top with an equally impressive amount too.

VentureBeat have a few interesting observations from Joost van Dreunen the CEO of SuperData:

“Following a stellar holiday season for the game industry, total sales reached a record high in 2015,” said Joost van Dreunen, the CEO of SuperData, in a statement. “Sales of digital console games showed the biggest jump and were up 34 percent, despite being one of the smaller categories at $4 billion annually. The largest category in terms of dollar sales was mobile, earning $25.8 billion and up double digits — 10 percent — from the year before.”

Also adding:


“Sales figures points toward a shift in the industry as more consumers have adopted digitally distributed games and free-to-play. However, not all segments were posting positive numbers as social games remained largely stable — down 0.8 percent — and subscription-based gaming continue on its downward spiral — down 4 percent.”

Looking at these revenues it seems clear that PC gaming should not be as undervalued as it is. With the money it’s making, maybe games companies should sort out the issues they have with bad ports and failed releases.

What are your thoughts on the strength of the PC in the digital market? Let us know your opinion in the comments section below.

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