Where to Find Vinegar in Digimon Survive

In Digimon Survive, you will find yourself in a sticky situation in the classroom inside of the abandoned school, looking for the spirit lamp to progress in the game. The Webs you encounter are impossible to cut, but Ryo hints that you need find the vinegar to progress further in Digimon Survive. This guide will break down where you will find the Vinegar to grab the Spirit Lamp.

Where to Find the Vinegar in Digimon Survive

Since you are here looking for the location of the vinegar bottle, let’s just dive right into it. As you would expect, Vinegar is found within the school cafeteria so head there. Once in the cafe, look for a locker in the far left corner of the room.

Investigate and open the locker to get your hands on the vinegar bottle. You will then head back to the classroom and use the vinegar on the cobwebs that contain the spirit lamp.

The Vinegar will soften up the cobwebs after some time so Agumon can easily cut through them. After doing so, you will be able to claim the spirit bottle. The spirit bottle you just acquired is actually a very useful piece of equipment you will need pretty soon.

As you continue through your expedition within the abandoned school, you will encounter your first boss fight against Dokugmon. It may seem impossible to defeat the boss, but the spirit bottle that you claimed recently can be used during the fight that will deal bonus damage to the boss, making it more manageable.

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