How to Get Meramon in Digimon Survive

In this guide, we'll be diving deep into Meramon, its location, and how to befriend Meramon in Digimon Survive.

Body covered in flames and a figure as strong as any monster you’ll come across in Digimon Survivew, Meramon is worth all efforts to befriend. In this guide, we’ll be diving deep into Meramon, its location, and how to befriend Meramon in Digimon Survive.

As its exterior aesthetic clearly suggests, Meramon is a Flame Digimon that is covered with crimson flames all over its body. It is generated from the defensive Firewall and has a very hostile and violent temperament. Whenever its body touches any object, it turns it into ashes.

How to Recruit and Befriend Meramon

Out of all Digimon of the similar species, Meramon is the most powerful. It can be very hard to recruit, and even when recruited, it has no guarantee of losing its control over its enemies. Having it in your team is a winner as Meramon is all you need while facing stronger enemies.

Players will be able to find Meramon once they enter Part 3 of the Digimon Survive. Once that’s done, you must go to the Free Battles areas near School, Park, and Forest. Once you’re here, as you would do while catching most Digimon, start participating in different battles and wait until Meramon shows up. Once Meramon is spotted, approach for combat and answer some of its questions later.

You can befriend Meramon simultaneously when you are befriending Fangmon, Deltamon, and Dokugumon. Or you can also attain this monster while Digivolving other Digimon.

Once you’ve encountered Meramon and have contested it in combat, now comes the time when you answer its questions. Meramon will ask you a total of three questions, each having four options, but only one of them is the correct answer.


Best Answers

Each correct answer grants you two points; you’ll need a few more to be eligible to ask Meramon to be your friend. Here are the possible questions it will ask you and the best answers for them if you want to catch it.

Q1. ‘I want to do nothing but fun things! You too, right?’ 

A: ‘You know your stuff!’

Q2. ‘This is my turf! Leave some food and get outta here!’ 

A: ‘I’ll think about it.’

Q3. ‘Arrrrgh! Graaaargh! Anyone else just gets in my way!’

A: [Let it simmer down.]

Q4. ‘Did you know? Taking a nap after stuffing your face is just the best!’

A: ‘Yeah, the best!’

Q5. ‘I’ll pulverize ya! Gwaaahahahahaaa!’        

A: ‘Nice, a tough one!’

Q6: ‘Uurrgh… Waiting around makes me wanna go crazy!’

A: [Stare in amazement.]

Q7: ‘Aint you a frail-looking thing. You eating enough meat?’

A: ‘You look strong.’

Once you answer all of these correctly and your success rate is high, you can finally recruit Meramon and take it along with you in your future adventures.

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