How to Get MagnaAngemon in Digimon Survive

Getting your hands on some of the strongest Digimon in Digimon Survive is the key to forming your dream team and excelling in any situation that poses a great threat. And if you’re a fan of Perfect Enlightenment Slabs, you might want to run towards a MagnaAngemon and befriend it! This Digimon Survive guide will look into MagnaAngemon, its location, and how to befriend it.

Unlike the regular Angemon, MagnaAngemon is a Digimon Angel with eight shining silver wings. It is a holy entity that works as a law enforcer looking over other Digimon Angels.

How to Recruit and Befriend MagnaAngemon

MagnaAngemon is one of the strongest and most useful Digmons that players can have on their teams. Not only does it greatly benefit you by its strength and out-class performance, but it is also one of the few creatures that offer Perfect Enlightenment Slabs.

Now that we know everything great and useful about MagnaAngemon, let’s see where players can locate it. Players will be able to share their paths with MagnaAngemon once they have come out of the underground waterway after they begin Part 6 of Digimon Survive.

MagnaAngemon can be easily found in the second island area, and once players have encountered it, they can have a little contest with it and use the ‘Talk’ option to converse with it.

Best Answers

After the fight, players can select the ‘Talk’ option and have a conversation with MagnaAngemon. From here onwards, it will ask you three questions, each of which will have four options, and only one of them will be a correct answer.

Each correct answer grants you two points; you’ll need a few more to be eligible to ask MagnaAngemon to be your friend.

Here are the possible questions MagnaAngemon will ask you and the best answers for them if you want to recruit it.

Q1. ‘Is there something you’d like to say to me? Go on, don’t be shy.’

A: ‘Thanks for being kind.’

Q2. ‘It’s better to take some sort of action than just sit idly by and worry.’

A: ‘Gotta move forward.’

Q3. ‘The goal of this battle is to test each other’s strength.’        

A: ‘I’ll come out on top!’

Q4. ‘What do you think is the most important thing for building trust?   

A: Trusting your partner.

Q5. ‘By the way, why exactly are you here?’

A: ‘I was guided here.’

Q6: ‘What kind of human are you?’

A: ‘My own kind of human.’

Q7. ‘Are there bonds stronger than the family?’

A: ‘There must be.’

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