Understanding Karma System in Digimon Survive

Digimon Survive is a visual novel and tactical role-playing game that features decisions making which will your future choices as well as how your story progresses. Digimon Survive calls that mechanic Karma System and this guide will explain everything in detail everything about the Karma System.

How Does the Karma System Work in Digimon Survive

While playing Digimon Survive, you will come across different types of choices and one of those choices is Karma. Karma choices will present you with three different options and you will have to pick out of those choices.

Karma will affect how your story progresses and how certain Digimon will digivolve. Every time you pick a certain Karma option, points of that certain category will raise. The more points you have in a certain category, the more your story will progress in that direction.

Types of Karma

There are three types of Karma choice.

  • Moral
  • Harmony
  • Wrath

Moral type choices lean more towards always doing the right and logical thing no matter how hard it is. When you pick the moral choices, you will assess the situation and think of the logical and morally correct solution. Moral choices are all about sticking to the rules. These choices are highlighted in yellow color.

Harmony-type choices are the more peaceful choices, and it makes sure that you think about the whole group and the betterment of the digital world. These are the least risky choices and are represented by green color.

Wrathful type choices are the complete opposite of harmony, and this is where you make a selfish decision and just focus on the objective at hand. You will do anything to complete the task, no matter how much risk you are putting your team at. These are relatively aggressive choices and are represented by red color.

Effects of Karma

Karma Choices directly affect certain aspects of the game. The more points you have in a certain category the more your choices will lean in that direction. You can check your karma points by going into the profile menu and looking at the bottom left corner.

How Karma Affects Story Progression

Karma has a direct effect on your story progression and, specifically, the endings of Digimon Survive. If you have more than 25 points in a certain category, you will be able to choose the ending for that specific category.

There are a total of 4 endings in Digimon Survive.

  • Moral
  • Harmony
  • Wrathful
  • Never Go Back

The first three endings are self-explanatory, and you will only be able to pick that ending if you have more than 25 points in that category. The final ending never goes back to where the story will end there and you will go back to the main menu.

How Karma Affects Digivolution and Recruiting

Agumon and several other Digimon, digivolve depending upon the path you choose.

If you take the Moral Path, Agumon will turn into Greymon, and recruiting Vaccine type Digimon will be much easier.

If you take the Harmony Path, Agumon will turn into Tyrannomon, and recruiting Data Type Digimon will be much easier.

If you take the Wrath Path, Agumon will turn into Tuskmon, and recruiting Virus Type Digimon will be much easier.