How to Get Iceleomon in Digimon Survive

This guide will show you how to befriend IceLeomon in Digimon Survive and give the best responses to his questions.

IceLeomon is a fearsome creature and stands out as a beacon of justice. Furthermore, IceLeomon has good stats all around, as well as powerful attacks and above-average defenses, making him a good choice in Digimon Survive. This guide will show you how to befriend IceLeomon in Digimon Survive.

How to Recruit and Befriend Iceleomon

The more Digimon you have on your team, the better off you’ll be in Digimon Survive. In that regard, you should try to recruit every Digimon you come across.

In Digimon Survive, you’ll encounter IceLeomon in Part 6, but if you’re lucky, you can get IceLeomon earlier through Digivolution. IceLeomon will first appear in random shadow encounters and eventually in Free Battles later on.

IceLeomon, like any other Digimon in Digimon Survive, can be befriended in the typical fashion; you must first encounter IceLeomon in a battle and then engage in a conversation.

You will be asked several questions, and your answers will determine whether or not IceLeomon joins your team. You will receive two points if you provide the best possible response. Remember that by the end of your conversation, you’ll need at least three points to befriend IceLeomon.

IceLeomon has similar thoughts to Garudamon, with the exception that, unlike Garudamon, IceLeomon takes humans at their word rather than expecting them to earn its trust. Therefore, the questions you’ll be asked will be similar to those of Garudamon. That being said, IceLeomon, as an admirer of justice, enjoys doing the right thing.

Best Answers

While answering, keep IceLeomon’s personality and preferences in mind in order to win him over and convince him to join your team.

IceLeomon will ask the following questions. The best responses to each question are also included on the list. Give it a read and you’re bound to befriend IceLeomon in Digimon Survive.

Question: Do you think I’m uptight?

Best Answer: You seem serious.

Question: Can I trust humans…?

Best Answer: You can and should!

Question: What do you believe is “right”?

Best Answer: The answer’s in you.

Question: Would you rather fight a weak enemy or a strong enemy?

Best Answer: Fighting is barbaric.

Question: Do you think you can do anything by force?

Best Answer: There are other ways.

Question: I won’t forgive anyone that disturbs the peace in this area!

Best Answer: Yeah, so?

Question: If you saw a raging fire heading towards a crying child, what would you do?

Best Answer: Save the kid, duh!

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