Digimon Survive: How Long to Beat?

Every game consists of the main story, side quests, challenges, and end-game content. In most cases, beating a game basically means just completing the main story. The same is the case with Digimon Survive and this guide will try to cover how long it will take to beat Digimon Survive.

How Long Does it Take to Beat Digimon Survive?

Predicting how long it will take to beat is game entirely depends upon the difficulty setting and how good someone is at the game. If someone has lots of past experience and is skilled, they can beat the game much faster than someone who is a casual player and plays just for fun.

With the release of Digimon Survive – The newest addition to the Digimon franchise, every RPG enthusiast is jumping right in to soak all of that RPG goodness with perfectly balanced combat action.

It’s really hard to say how long it will take for a person to complete Digimon Survive, but we can make an educated guess. The advertised time to beat the game is 40 hours but this time prediction is only for the main storyline.

Digimon Survive comes with more than just the main storyline. If we talk about just the main story, for now, there are several different routes that a player can take depending upon the choice you will make at times in the game.

Any of your choices can take you to an entirely different path/route and every route can take different amounts of time to beat. Along with the main story, there are a lot of challenges, end-game content, and side quests.

If you had to make a rough estimate of the time taken to complete the entirety of Digimon Survive, A-Z along with all sides quest, exploring all three routes, and while being on Normal difficulty, it will take about 80 to 100 hours depending upon how good you are at this scenario.

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