Digimon Survive Fangmon Boss Guide

Tricky bosses in any game are the true test of your wits, especially in a game like Digimon Survive where you can only win with your brain. To help you cheese your battle against Fangmon, we will tell you everything you need to know in this guide that will help you prepare for the battle against Fangmon.

Where to Find Fangmon Boss

Fangmon is the second boss you will face during the main campaign of Digimon Survive, and it is one of the toughest bosses in the game.

If you jump into battle without preparation and planning, most likely you will lose. Before you can recruit and befriend Fangmon, you need to defeat it as part of the story and then it will start appearing in Free Bat mode.

How to Defeat Fangmon Boss in Digimon Survive

If you look at Fangmon’s stats, you will see that it is a Data Type Digimon and Data Type Digimon are weak against Virus Type thus having a decent level Virus Type Digimon is necessary.

The second thing is that Fangmon is especially weak against all electric attacks. That is why Digimon with Electric attacks are must have if you want your improve your odds against this powerful fox Digimon.

When you jump into the battle, the first thing that will happen is that Labramon will digivolve into Dobermon and this is the most crucial part of the battle since you are going to need all the help you can get.

During the battle, it is also advised to digivolve as many of your mons’ as possible, especially Agumon, as it is one of the better and stronger Digimon. Keep a Betamon on your team as it can deal electrical damage and is immune to most of the Fangmon’s attacks.

Much like any other boss battle, you won’t face the main boss immediately. You will have to fight small minions before you can get Fangmon to appear. So make sure you don’t lose all your health fighting the minions.

In this battle, you will be surrounded on both sides. The best strategy is to leave two decently leveled Digimon to cover your flank so that you can move forward without worrying about your back.

It’s not wise to split your party into one-man teams because of the minions. Fangmon’s minions might look weak but the sheer number can overwhelm even a digivolved Digimon. Your best bet to win is by leaving two or three Digimon to cover your flank and the rest of the party moves forward as a pack.

Fangmon’s attack deal 500 damage and can easily take down most Digimon so make sure you have enough manpower to last the whole fight and try to keep your digivolved members for the final battle.