Digimon Survive Dokugmon Boss Guide

The first boss in any game is either incredibly easy or notoriously difficult to take down but if you know enough about the boss and the battle you are getting yourself into, then any boss is as easy as one two three. Dokugmon is the first main boss that you will face in Digimon Survive and in this guide, we will explain everything in detail about how you can easily take down Dokugmon in Digimon Survive.

Where to Find Dokugmon Boss

Dokugmon is the first ever major boss that you will face in Digimon Survive and if you think you can take it down without a proper plan then you are in for a tough battle. Below we have mentioned the best possible strategy to take down Dokugmon and eventually befriend it.

As this battle occurs in Part 1 of the game so you won’t have a lot of choices as to what Digimon you will take. At this point, you will only have Agumon and Labramon to rely on, so make sure you have practiced enough in the free battles.

How to Defeat Dokugmon Boss in Digimon Survive

Once the fight starts, the main thing you need to focus on is the positioning of your Digimons. You will come face to face with Dokugmon in a wide-open arena with lots of space. Dokugmon will not be alone and will be accompanied by its minions.

The tiny spider minions might be small in size but their venomous web attacks can quickly turn around the course of battle if left unchecked. The best way to win this fight is by first clearing out all the minions and then moving towards the main boss – Dokugmon.

If you want to quickly and efficiently take down the spider minions too without taking much damage, overwhelm them by numbers. Attack one minion with all the manpower to take it down in one blow.

Once the minions are taken care of then you can move towards the main boss. Dokugmon takes the most amount of damage from the side and from behind so make sure to position at least one of your Digimon preferably Agumon as it is a fire type and Dokugmon is weak against fire.

Keep attacking from a distance so you take minimum damage from its attacks. Once the boss drops below 50% health, it will initiate a cut scene where Agumon will digivolve and Dokugmon will spawn more minions.

Again, first, take down the minion, and then from that point onwards follow the same strategy of attacking from the front and the side or back. Following this strategy will swiftly put Dokugmon to bed for good