How to Get Arukenimon in Digimon Survive

Arukenimon might seem scary but befriending her is quite easy as we will explain in this Digimon Survive guide.

Arukenimon might strike you as a villain in Digimon Survive. Don’t let this fact scare you, as befriending this Digimon isn’t a difficult task and in this guide, we will help recruit Arukenimon in Digimon Survive.

How to Recruit and Befriend Arukenimon

A few hours into Part 3 of the game, players will be able to encounter Arukenimon, but they’ll have to wait a while before owning one. While you can get Arukenimon by Digivolving other Digimon, you will have to wait until the beginning of Part 6 for Arukenimon to appear as a recruitable Digimon.

The process of befriending and recruiting Arukenimon works the same way as other Digimon. You’ll need to talk to her in a Free Battle, respond to three of her questions and then ask to become friends. For each of the questions she asks, players can score a max of two points based on their answer.

Fill the bar at least halfway by the end of the conversation and you will recruit Arukenimon.

Even though Arukenimon’s attitude isn’t much different from Fangmon’s, she uses similar questions and statements. Unlike Fangmon, Arukenimon is glad for players to tell it as it is with all seven of its best responses.

Best Answers

Below is the list of all the answers which will help you recruit Arukenimon without any trouble.

Q1. You sure like to puff out your chest around a weak monster like myself.

Answer: How rude!

Q2. Trying to pick a fight with a peace-lover like me… You humans are so cruel.

Answer: You’ll say anything…

Q3. I bet you’ve got some secrets, huh? Go on, tell me one! I dare you!

Answer: I’m not telling you.

Q4. What do you think decides what’s right or wrong?

Answer: Your own beliefs.

Q5. You may think of those around you as friends, but perhaps you’re actually alone?

Answer: That’s not true!

Q6. Let’s make a deal: Throw the fight and I’ll give you an item!

Answer: Interesting proposal!

Q7. Who do you think is worse? The deceiver or the deceived?

Answer: I don’t like either.

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