How to Get Angemon in Digimon Survive

This Digimon Survive guide deeply explores Angemon, its location, and how to befriend it to expand your team.

While starting your journey in Digimon Survive, you’ll soon come across many familiar Digimon faces waiting for you in a post-apocalyptic world to befriend them and begin all sorts of adventures. These creatures are hidden in every corner, and you must answer them correctly if you want to catch them. This Digimon Survive guide deeply explores Angemon, its location, and how to befriend it.

Angemon is amongst very few Digimons that look humanoid. This is a six-winged creature, wearing white outfits, just like angels. And maybe that is why its name is Angemon. A tall, righteous-looking, angel type, this creature is very friendly and not so selfish. Moreover, extraordinary powers make this creature even more interesting. So go through this guide to make your chances higher in befriending this mysterious creature.

How to Recruit and Befriend Angemon

You can only find Angemon when you are at Part 4 in the ‘Free Bat’ area in the amusement park. Since this is a mysterious creature, you are not going to easily encounter it. Perhaps you will have to go through several battles unless you encounter it. But the powers that this creature has will compel you to carry on the search.

You will have to fight a battle against Angemon so that you can answer its question and try to recruit it. Once you are at Part 4, head directly to the Free Bat area in the amusement area. This is how you will find Angemon.

As said earlier, Angemon is a very friendly creature. You have a high chance of befriending Angemon if you answer its questions correctly.

There is a bar above the creature that fills up as you answer its questions. Every question fills the bar differently. So you need to fill it up at least 50% so that the creature might befriend with you. The more bar is filled, the higher the chances of befriending that creature. The same is the case with Angemon.

Best Answers

Anngemonn will ask you several questions (that are given below) and you will have to answer them. You will have four options among which you will have to select one. If you select the right option, the bar will fill up to a greater extent allowing you to recruit and befriend Angemon in Digimon Survive.

Q1. ‘Are there bonds stronger than the Family?’

A: ‘There must be’

Q2. ‘What kind of human are you?’

A: ‘A friendly human’

Q3. ‘What do you think is the most important thing for building trust?’

A:  ‘Opening up’

Q:4 ‘it’s better to take some action than by sitting idly by and worry’

A: ‘Gotta move forward’

Q5. ‘Is there something you’d like to tell to me? Go on, don’t be shy’

A: ‘Thanks for being kind’

Q6: ‘The goal of this battle is to test each other’s strength’

A: ‘I’ll come out on top.’

Q7. ‘By the way, why exactly are you here?’

A: ‘I was guided here.’

Once you answer all of these correctly and your success rate is high, you can finally befriend Angemon and take it along with you in your future adventures.

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