Digimon ReArise Underworld Dungeon Tips

In this guide, we will talk about the new area in Digimon Rearise called the underworld dungeon. We will be...

In this guide, we will talk about the new area in Digimon Rearise called the underworld dungeon. We will be giving you tips on how to perform best in this area and instructions on what party to fight. Please keep in mind the proper details of this area have not been released as of the time of writing this article but we will keep you updated as we go on. With that in mind let’s get started:

Digimon ReArise Underworld Dungeon

It was announced recently that a new area will be added to Digimon Rearise called “Underworld Dungeon” which has about a hundred levels and we need countermeasures to break through them. It hasn’t been officially announced but it is speculated that this new area would be more difficult to complete than the already present areas.

It is mentioned that we will have the option to challenge up to 3 teams in this underworld dungeon but you will have to prepare three parties for this as well in order to take part in this challenge. You also cannot ask your friend to help you out here, so you would be totally on your own and surviving on your strength.

You will receive items as a reward for clearing levels. These items can only be earned by completing the levels in the underworld dungeon and not anywhere else. We are unsure about what items these would be but we will add them as soon as we get to know.

Capturing the Underworld Dungeon
It was also told in the announcement that the shape of the dungeon will change repeatedly and this also applies to the enemies present in the dungeons as well as the abnormal state and rewards.

You will have to take measures against abnormalities in the stop system. As the dungeon can be very unexpected so it would be a bit tricky to know what is going to appear in front of you. But because you don’t know what you are going to be facing so it is more difficult to decide what measures to take.

A little hint can be from the ace class receiving a stop system abnormality. If a team uses the stop system to take measures against abnormalities then it would get much more stable.

Recommended Strategy
It is recommended that you consider preparing one or two Ace Digimon because you need firepower to break through a lot of areas even in the underworld we have for now. For each party you need to have at least two aces so that you can defend and attack other attacking characters and capture them.

The enemy can use one abnormal condition to overturn the situation of the battle in their favor despite you having a strong party so it is crucial that you take measures against enemy conditions to defend yourself i.e. your party or ace. Keep in mind that abnormality is only taken into effect after stage 11 of Underworld but that is also where the best rewards are.

Those skills that are disables as countermeasures are used to specify individuality despite being able to be disabled so try to keep the personality of the whole party uniform and use only one to cover all the abnormalities of the party.

If you have a well-developed Digimon then everything in Underworld can be captured and you can even advance with Auto which helps you capture fully cultivated Digimon. The more you advance in the Underworld hierarchy, the more the difficulty increases. Therefore, you can either manually use the skill or instead of receiving the whole attack, just take a Digimon for endurance along with recovery.

Below we have listed all the known rewards so far for completing different layers of Underworld

Underworld Hierarchy Reward
1 level Ruby x 20
2 levels 50000bit
3 levels Attack α (Brave Philmon)
4 levels Flame Heat Evolution Code-Advanced × 3
5 levels Ruby x 20
6 levels Special training chip V
7 levels Community pt 200
8 levels Relentless β (Brave)
9 levels Stamina drink
10 levels Ruby x 20
11 levels bit area release key
12 levels 10000bit
13 levels Mamoru α (Brave Philmon)
14 levels Selected meat × 3
15 levels Ruby x 20
16 levels Super evolution code
17 levels Community pt 300
18 levels Shellfish β (cool)
19 levels Stamina drink × 2
20 layers 20 rubies
41 levels 1-bit area release key
42 levels 200,000bit
43 levels Mamoru α (Dexterous Lilamon) × 1
44 levels Flower Evolution Code-Advanced x 3
45 levels Desirby × 50
46 levels Mamoru special training tip Ⅴ × 3
47 levels Ingredient β (dexterous) x 1
48 levels Sea Fairy Trial Digitama × 1 ( Mayor of Marine Angelmon ?)
49 levels Stamina Recovery Drink x 3
50 levels Desirby × 50
51 levels Special training area release key × 1
52 levels 200000bit
53 levels Earth Evolution Code Advanced 3
54 levels Luxury mushrooms x 5
55 levels Desirby × 50
56 levels Blow special training tip 3 × 3
57 levels Burst β (Indomitable) x 1
58 levels Sea Fairy Trial Digitama × 1 ( Mayor of Marine Angelmon ?)
59 levels Stamina Recovery Drink x 3
60 levels Desirby × 50

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