Digimon ReArise Super Ultimate Digimon Guide

Among the numerous Digimon you will encounter in Digimon ReArise, there are some that can achieve the pinnacle and become the most feared by reaching Super Ultimate evolution, or digivolution, stage. This guide will list all such Digimon that can achieve Super Ultimate stage in Digimon ReArise as well as teach you how to you can perform that action yourself if you have one of those Digimon.

How to Evolve Digimon into Super Ultimate

The final stage of a Digimon’s evolution is the Super Ultimate body. It’s no easy feat for beginners since you have to obtain the evolution code before you can reach that point. Each Digimon has a different evolution code required for each evolving Digimon.

To get Evolution Codes, you need to engage in clash battle with friends and clan members. Defeating higher rank bosses gives you a higher rank of the Evolution Code. The rewards you receive vary so much that in certain cases, you get a super evolution code as a bonus for logging in.

You can also exchange CB medals for Evolution Codes. CB medals can be obtained together with rewards for clash, daily missions, login bonuses, and more.

New players can earn these codes more efficiently by making friends with more seasoned players. You’re greatly rewarded for helping out your stronger allies during combat. We recommend that you find an active clan that is willing to take in new participants.

Below are all the Digimon that can be digivolved into Super Ultimate body:

This Super Ultimate Digimon is the result of the mutation and fusion of Diaboromon. Digimon was born by mutation, with a large amount of Clammon fused. This Digimon is unique since it doesn’t belong to either light or darkness. One special move it has is “Black Rain” that causes the sky to rain down dark energy. Another is the “Ultimate Flare” that it can emit by opening its mouth.

This Digimon was made artificially through the use of data from multiple Digimon. It can continue to evolve by absorbing the data of others through a special move known as “Seoul Absorption.” Another special movie it can use is “Erase Sickle” which destroys configuration data.

Alphamon: King Dragon Sword

Alphamon evolves into a sword because of the efforts of a group of Digi characters.  This sword can only be swung by the first king of the dragon sword.

Imperial Drummon: Paladin Mode
This Super Ultimate Evolution allows the Piradramon to become the Holy Knight. This is form has is generations old since the great destruction of the ancient digital world. However, the exact details of that time are still not known.  The “Omega Blade” is the Ultimate sword that this Digimon can use to defeat down foes.

Before evolution, this Digimon was the ultimate body of the Dracommon lineage. Now it is a sacred Holy Knight Digimon. This Dragon-type Digimon has the nickname “Ryutei” and can perform a move known as “Avalon’s Gate” to rip through enemies from the inside.  It can also do a wide area of effect attack known as the “Dragonic Impact” in which it comes crashing down to the ground from outside the atmosphere and causes a giant shockwave to take out foes.

This Holy Knight Digimon is a fusion evolution of Wargreymon (shield and a sword) and Metalgallemon (cannon and missile). The “Garuru Cannon”, is a special move that freezes foes through ice bombs that you shoot from the cannon arm.  The sword being held by the other arm is the “Grey Sword”. Omegamon has 2 main variants: Alter-B and Alter-S.

By combining the Digicores of the two Digimons, they are reborn as a new Digimon. However certain Digimon can’t exist and are considered to be “glitches” known as Chaosmon.  Therefore it has a short and unstable life span.

Its Special Moves are the “Hao-Two-Sword” and “Gigantic Cannon”. “Dark Prominence” that launches cells.

Valaudurmon and Jogres

This chaosmon is the combination of Jogres and Valodurmon. The “Sword of the King” is the main special skill of this Super Ultimate form.

This Digimon evolves by using the spirits of all ten fighters. Legend says this god will come down during a time of systemic collapse to impose a new system. Its special move is the sword of light known as Zero Arms. It can also use a technique known as Yakusa no Ikazuchi, to bring down a sword of light in the form of a lightning bolt.

Dukemon: Crimson Mode
Before evolution, this Digimon was Megaloglaumon. Dukemon wears an armor that is hot and red due to the nature of its power. It can’t be used for long periods of time because of the digital core in the chest.  This Digimon can wield “Gungnir” the light shrine, as well as “Burtogang” the light sword. Its special attack allows it to slice clean through enemies.

Belphemon: Rage Mode
Belphemon awakens after a thousand-year sleep to regain its original form. Its Rage-mode provides it with a few special moves. “Lamplandus” is the dark fire that is emitted from the chain wrapped around the body. The “Gift of Darkness” is given as a reward for wearing the flames of hell and allows this Digimon to do slashes.

Lucemon: Satan Mode
This is the final form of Lucemon. It maintains the appearance of a dragon that shows up during the Apocalypse. Any attacks coming towards this Digimon are absorbed by the dark sphere. Satan Mode isn’t the main body of Lucemon so attacking it will not harm the body. Its Special Moves are the “Pergatrial Flame” and “Divine Attunement”.

That covers all you need to know about evolving Digimon into Super Ultimates.