Digimon ReArise Stamina Guide

This guide will have details on how to use your stamina in the newly released Digimon ReArise for mobile devices including tips on best utilizing your stamina and recovering it as well. Here’s how it goes:

Digimon ReArise Stamina

Your stamina in this game would be recovered after every three minutes. By this, you can know how your stamina will recover proportional to time and make use of it accordingly. Alternatively, there are other ways through which you can recover stamina in the new Digimon game which we have listed below

Leveling Up Tamer
Your stamina will be restored upon leveling up your Digimon tamer and the total amount of your stamina i.e. the upper limit will increase if you increase the level of the tamer.

Recovering Using Community pt

Your stamina can be fully recovered if you use 400 community pt points. You can easily collect these and then use them to have a full stamina bar at all times. Just don’t use so many points so that your upper limit is crossed.

Stamina Recovery Drinks
You can also use stamina recovery drinks to recover your stamina easily. Upon using the stamina recovering drink your stamina will be restored to its maximum capacity and if it extends beyond the upper limit the surplus will still be considered.

Recovering using Degilby
This way of recovering stamina is not recommended as these should be used to get gachas from the shop but if there is no other way and you most definitely need it then you can recover your stamina using 10 of these.

Improving the Use of Stamina
Here’s how it would be possible to use your stamina more efficiently. As you progress in the game it becomes very clear to you that you need stamina for a lot of things in the game and we need to make its consumption more efficient otherwise you would catch yourself waiting for it to recover or recover it using resources that you want to save.

So we will guide you on how to make the best use of your stamina. First all you should make sure that you have a superb mood because your mood gives you a better drop rate. If your mood is superb your drop will be good as well. If all of your team also have their mood at superb then it would be best for farming together and other than that you would also be getting mood bonuses.

You should also always have food saved up because while farming it would help you to keep your Digimon’s mood up. This doesn’t guarantee that you would get the drop that you want but it does make sure that you would get more drops than you would’ve if you didn’t have a good mood. This is very helpful for getting the max out of your stamina.

This all we have on stamina for now. If you want to learn about something from this game let us know. Have fun with your Digimon.

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