Digimon ReArise Raid Strategy Guide

With the release of Digimon ReArise, players also have access to one raid from the start where they need to fight the WarGreymon. Of course, this being a raid, requires a lot of focus, strategy and some really good Digimon in your Digimon ReArise squad, all of which we will cover in this guide.

Digimon ReArise Raid Strategy

Mega Digimons are best for raiding due to their high percentage skills and better stats in the game. However, we have more Ultimates in the game than Megas hence why we make it work. Ultimates with both Single-Target skills will cause more damage than Megas with Multi-Target skills almost every time.

You can set a raid team by having:

Offensive Buffer
PWR or TEC Buffer Irreplaceable role in the team, 60% offensive stats buff is strong to pass on, even better if you skill level them up for higher buff values. Even at Level 5, the buff increases to 68% which is a significant increase

DPS x3
3 DPS that match your offensive buff Use PWR DPS if you use PWR buffer and vice versa.

Support x1

  • The last Digimon that ties up holes in your team. It can be anything, just depends on your team composition. A healer or a status immunity Digimon or even a 4th DPS can be used if you have no good support option.
  • Above were the Main Roles. They can be substituted by the Support Role.
  • Defensive Debuffer: This debuffs your opponent’s PWR or TEC, increasing your team’s survivability
  • Damage over Time: This deals chip damage to increase total damage done.
  • Tank: Tank hits from the enemy boss and extends your DPS duration.
  • Healers: Increases the survivability of the team. Prolongs your DPS lifespan which lets you do more damage.

Current Raid Boss: WarGreymon

  • PWR Digimon
  • 2 ST skills
  • debuff PWR with his main skill and buff his own PWR by 50% with his sub-skill
  • Gets open to Damage over Time

Below we have compiled some raid team compositions that are useful during this Raid boss encounter so be sure to give them a try and see what works best for you

4 DPS + 1 Support
MetalGarurumon + AeroVeedramon + WarGreymon + WereGarurumon + HiAndromon

Alternatives: HiAndromon, Mamemon, WereGarurumon, ShineGreymon, AeroVeedramon, MirageGaogamon

Skill Queue:

  • HiAndromon sub-skill (60% DEF buff)
  • WarGreymon main skill (30% PWR debuff)
  • AeroVeedramon sub-skill (40% DEF Debuff)
  • MetalGarurumon main skill (50% self TEC buff)
  • WereGarurumon (50% self TEC buff)
  • MetalGarurumon sub-skill (30% party Crit rate buff)

Requeue the strongest skill you have or skill closest to finish CD

3 DPS + 2 Support
MetalGarurumon + AeroVeedramon + WereGarurumon + Digitamamon + Mamemon

Alternatives: HiAndromon, Mamemon, PrinceMamemon, Digitamamon, MetalGreymon (non-mega), AeroVeedramon, MirageGaogamon

Skill Queue :

  • Mamemon sub skill (60% party DEF buff)
  • Digitamamon sub skill (40% PWR debuff)
  • AeroVeedramon sub skill
  • MetalGarurumon main skill
  • WereGarurumon main skill

3 DPS + 2 Support (PWR team)
ShineGreymon + MirageGaogamon + Groundramon + Mamemon + Lilamon

Alternatives: Lilamon, BlackMetalGreymon, Groundramon, WarGreymon, MirageGaogamon, AeroVeedramon

Skill Queue :

  • Mamemon sub-skill
  • Lilamon sub-skill (60% PWR buff)
  • AeroVeedramon sub-skill
  • Queue other damage skills

3 DPS + 2 Support (TEC team)
Machinedramon + Ebemon + Minervamon + Mamemon + Wisemon

Alternatives: Wisemon, WaruSeadramon, Mamemon, HiAndromon

Skill Queue :

  • Mamemon sub-skill
  • Wisemon sub-skill (60% PWR buff)
  • Queue other damage skills

4 DPS + 1 Support Tank
MetalGarurumon + AeroVeedramon + ShineGreymon + WarGreymon + GranKuwagamon

Alternatives: WarGreymon, Machinedramon, ShineGreymon, WereGarurumon

Skill Queue :

  • GranKuwagamon sub-skill (Taunt/Provoke)
  • WarGreymon main skill (30% PWR debuff)
  • GranKuwagamon main skill (self 50% DEF and Block buff)
  • AeroVeedramon sub-skill
  • MetalGarurumon main skill
  • WarGreymon sub-skill
  • Queue damage skills

2 DPS with DEF debuff and PWR debuff
WarGreymon + AeroVeedramon + MetalGreymon (virus) + Boltmon + Titamon

Skill Queue:

  • Boltmon is the 3rd PWR DPS. Boosts 20% critical chance to all Brave allies and deals good damage himself.
  • Titamon is the support Digimon. Provides Stun immunity to himself and all Brave allies. Provides PWR resistance debuff which stacks with AeroVeedramon DEF debuff. Adds boosts PWR damage

4 DPS + Support
WarGreymon + AeroVeedramon + Boltmon/Groundramon + VenomMyotismon + 1 Support – Titamon

Skill Queue:

  • VenomMyotismon provides a party 40% PWR buff while acting as the Offensive Buffer.
  • VenomMyotismon also sports the highest PWR and deal damage to compensate for the loss of DPS from your other Digimon.
  • If your offensive buffer is at a higher skill level, the buffs go up to 80% PWR buff.