Digimon ReArise Clash Battle Tips

In Digimon ReArise, a raid event, known as a ‘Clash Battle’ will spawn randomly. This event is a very crucial part of ReArise’s gameplay. If you want to progress in Digimon ReArise, you must grind out these Clash Battles and our guide will give you useful tips on how to emerge victorious.

You will encounter Clash Battles while you’re progressing through the story/vortex stage. The spawn rate of it is completely based on RNG; so, there is no way to make them spawn more often.

Digimon ReArise Clash Battle Tips

When you beat a Clash Battle, you will be rewarded with an evolution code, which is required to evolve a Digimon. Some raid bosses can drop a code required to evolve a specific Digimon. For example, you may obtain the “Metal Gellemon Evolution Code”, which can be used to evolve a War Greymon to Metal Garurumon.

Most Megas available in the game need specific evolution codes to evolve. These codes drop randomly on Level 4 or higher raids.

In a Clash Battle, the level 1 boss will have 20,000 HP and will drop either an intermediate or lower grade evolution code.

The level 2 and 3 bosses will have 100,000 and 200,000 HP, respectively, and will drop either an advanced, intermediate or lower grade evolution code.

The level 4-10 bosses will have 300k, 500k, 750k, 1M, 1.25M, 2M, and 3M HP, respectively, and will drop either a specific evolution, advanced, intermediate or lower grade code.

Now that you understand what these Clash Battles are, let’s talk about all the tips and tricks you need to know if you want to efficiently beat them.

Increase Ally Damage and Decrease Enemy Defense
As soon as the battle starts, remember to use the “DEF Down” and “Attack Up (PWR/TEC)” buff skills. These skills will lower opponent defense, while increasing your team’s offensive output. This will grant you a headstart.

Aerobudramon Is A Must-Have

Aerobudramon is a perfect Digimon for Clash Battle. Put Aero in your team and set it as a partner. This will significantly increase team damage.

Passive Skills
While in a Clash Battle, a boss can inflict a debuff on your Digimon which makes it much weaker. While building your team, always remember to use passive skills that negate these debuffs. It’ll be very hard for you to defeat bosses without having strong passive skills.

Use Plug-Ins
When improving their Digimons’ abilities, most players focus on enhancements and evolution, but they forget about plug-ins. Of course, enhancements and evolution are necessary to strengthen your Digimon, but it can’t reach its maximum potential without the help of plug-ins.

Target One Enemy At A Time With Your Skills

If you use skills that attack several enemies at once, the damage ratio will be much lower than if you targeted a single enemy instead. By focusing on one enemy at a time, you will kill off all the opponents much quicker.

Get the Enemy Down To Half Health

If you want to be ranked 1st, you don’t need to completely finish off the boss. Just try to get its health down to 50% or less. If you obtain first place, above a specific level, you have a chance to acquire both the Super Evolution and Evolution code for a certain Digimon.

Those are some important tips and tricks for Clash Battles. If you have any other tips and tricks which deserve to be in this guide, do let us know!

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