Digimon ReArise Cheats, Tips and Tricks

Check out our Digimon ReArise tips and tricks to get a basic understanding of how to play the game and excel at its RPG roots

Despite being aimed at a mobile audience, Digimon ReArise is far from being simple thanks to its RPG roots which add multiple layers of complex gameplay to the mix. In this guide, we have compiled some of the tips and tricks that will help you while you play Digimon ReArise.

Digimon ReArise Cheats, Tips and Tricks

In the main story, you will be required to search for the source of the corrupted Spiral entities, while you will be Herissmon’s partner. You will be able to unlock certain options and modes after you complete specific stages.

Playing through the main story quickly will allow you to unlock training modes and special stages, while you will also be able to achieve a lot of bits and DigiRubies.

Consider playing through the Main Story as soon as you can.

Feed your Digimon
You can feed your Digimon in DigiCare, that is if you have food of course. Although you can feed your Digimon anything, each Digimon has its own favorite food which helps you increase their mood and bond a lot quicker.

Focus on keeping the Digimon in your main team well fed. For this, you will receive more rewards after you complete a stage, and your Digimon will have a higher chance of landing critical strikes.

Initial Challenges
There is a set of challenges that you can complete, in order to help yourself have a better understanding of the game. You will be allowed to access the challenges at the DigitTown main menu.

The BoA Challenge will comprise of three steps with six challenges in each step. The challenges will require you to level up your Digimon, train them, feed them etc. Completing these challenges will get you a small reward.

After you complete a set of challenges, you will get the Super DGV-Code, which is a rare evolution material.

You only have till the end of October to do all of these challenges.

Daily Mission
Apart from the initial challenges, Digimon ReArise features conventional missions and achievements as well.

There are four types of these missions; these include daily, weekly, total, and special challenges. You will need to focus on completing daily missions as they change every day and allow you to earn 10 DigiRubies after you complete all of them.

Digimon Personalities
Digimon in ReArise are all unique and have their own personalities. Personalities not only gives each Digimon character, but also affect stats and attacks.

The stat changes are as follows:

  • The CALM personality Digimon usually a bonus to attack power and use TEC-type attacks.
  • The DEFT personality Digimon have all round stats and can use TEC or PWR attacks.
  • The TENACIOUS personality Digimon use PWR attacks and have great defense.
  • The DEVOTED personality Digimon will usually have support attacks/skills and use TEC attacks.
  • The BRAVE Digimon, as expected, would have a bonus to attack power and use PWR attacks.

Train your Digimon
You will need to power up your Digimon over a long process during the course of the game.

You need to start off with leveling up your Digimon, which is where you are allowed to spend bits, which is the main currency of the game.

Digimon do not usually level up from battles, you will need to manually upgrade them here till they are maxed out.

After this, consider having your Digimon workout via the Workout or Awakening section. Each Digimon will have six slots for workout, while you will need workout chips to fill each slot up. Once you have maxed out the level of your Digimon after slotting all of their workout chips in, you will have the option to Awaken your Digimon, which will allow your Digimon to have permanently increased stats.

You can also upgrade their skills so that the power of your Digimon increases. For this, you will need another copy of your Digimon that you want to improve.

The copy will need to have the same personality and the evolution chain, or you can use a Skill Stone, but you will not easily come across one of those.

Also, if you possess the right DGV-Codes, and your Digimon’s bond and level are maxed out, you can do a Digivolve. This will get your Digimon to evolve into a new form, allowing them to have an enormous stat boost.

Source for Materials

  • Bits are received from completing anything, be it main story levels or challenge levels or missions.
  • Workout Chips are dropped in the main story levels, while you can also find a bunch of them in the Dimensional Vortex.
  • You will come across vortexes that will drop food, bits and workout chips as well. Each vortex drops a different type of a workout chip, thus you will have to wait till that particular vortex opens up.

You can obtain DGV-Codes from Clash Battles. Clash Battles are raid battles in which you are allowed to team up with other Tamers to put down strong Digimon.

You can start your own Clash Battle or find an ongoing one. Here, you can help other Tamers, which will get you support points.

Check your rewards to see if the codes that you required are available.

Status Effect
Diving right into a level in Digimon ReArise before looking at the Spiral Status effect warnings can be costly, especially at later levels.

It’s important that you familiarize yourself with the status effects in the game. The Status effects that the Spirals can inflict and what they do are as follows:

  • Paralysis, Sleep, shock, Stun all prevent your Digimon from performing any actions in a turn.
  • Freeze is also like the effects above in that it can prevent your Digimon from taking actions, but it additionally makes the Digimon Invincible.
  • Error, Burn and Poison are all damage over time abilities. They’re slightly different but effectively the same in that they’ll tick down your Digimon’s HP per turn
  • Skill Lock is a status effect that shuts down your skills for its duration. Note that it won’t shut down passives.
  • Blind will heavily reduce accuracy of certain moves.

Try and figuring out which Digimon can counter these effects or will be least affected by them based on the enemy encounters.

Step-Up Summon
There will be a one-time summon, which you will be able to access through a special banner displayed in the Summon menu.

The first summon will cost you fifty (50) DigiRubies, with which you will receive a Skill Stone. Consecutive steps will cost you an increased amount of DigiRubies, but this will also get you more rewards.

After you get to step five (5), an x11 summon will cost you two hundred (200) DigiRubies.

You will have a high chance of receiving a summon of a high rarity, while you are also guaranteed to receive a WayGreymon Chain. You only have till the end of October to do complete the Step-Up Summon

Choose your battle strategy
You will find yourself in a lot of battles, but you will have to decide which battles are worth using your own tactics and which battles can be handled by AI.

The battles that place digital enemies’ waves in your path, it is better to rely on your own strategies rather than allowing the AI to dictate each move on your own. Then, you can save up the unique abilities of your army for the last wave instead of wasting them in the first several waves.

Earn Three-Star Ranking
Three-Star ranking is tied to each and every mission in Digimon ReArise and if you succeed to get Three-Star ranking in every battle of the story, you will be able to get a special reward along with extra DigiRubies.

Manage your Stamina
You should strategize your gameplay and should manage your Stamina wisely. Play several story mode chapters to get goods and propel the storyline along. Then, hop on the Dimensional Vortex once you have completed this task and ensure the timed vortex is completed before it ends for the day to come.

You can also use Stamina drinks/potions to replenish Stamina. These options come in handy when you cannot wait for your stamina to replenish. You get these potion while completing challenges and mission and you can also buy some stamina potions from the shop.

Collect Social Points
Greet your friends daily to earn Social Points by completing friend related challenges. These points can be used for social point plugin summon. Your friends can also help you in your fights and if you have higher level friends, then it is much better.

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