Digimon ReArise Bits Farming Tips

In Digimon ReArise, your main goal is to strengthen and evolve your Digimon. In order to do that, you will need the game’s built-in currency known as Bits. This is mainly used for Digitizing and can be obtained through missions and as rewards. Our guide will help you earn bits and farm them till you have enough bits available that you can basically afford any upgrades for your Digimon in Digimon ReArise.

Digimon ReArise Bits Farming

You can spend bits in the Digimon upbringing menu so that you can boost your Digimon’s evolution. There are a few different ways to earn bits in Digimon ReArise

Play Story Missions
When you’re playing the story, you can get around 2000 Bits per drop. You are also awarded a certain amount when you finish certain quests so go for ones that consume more stamina since they tend to have more bits.

Daily Missions give you 30,000 Bits per day and weekly ones reward you with 50,000 Bits per week. You can obtain these repeatedly so you have a surefire way of getting currency efficiently.

Bit Vortex
This is the most efficient way of earning Bit. Use your key to unlock anything you don’t have and then during clash battles, try to get as many runs in as possible. If you want the most bits then go for the Bits Vortex for 20 stamina.

This is the toughest one and you will need to refill your stamina so keep some stamina drinks and gems around for when you run out.  Leveling up will also automatically refill your stamina. This seems tough but offers the most Bit rewards.

Guild Check-Ins
Checking-in with the guild more than 25 times rewards you with 20,000 bits. Try doing it every day by going to the DigiClan pressing the “Attend” button on the page and then pressing the “Receive” once the following day.

These are quickest methods for earning bits. Try to challenge yourself within the Bit Vortex for the most gains. We hope this guide has been helpful.