Digimon ReArise Beginners Guide

Things you should know if you are just starting with Digimon ReArise - The beginners tips and tricks.

Digimon ReArise is the latest title in the Digimon series. Available to both iOS and Android devices, Digimon ReArise provides a spectacular RPG experience. We have put together this guide detailing the stats and other game mechanics that should be useful to beginners who want to jump onto the Digimon ReArise bandwagon as well as things that veterans might have overlooked. This would help you get a head start in the game, as you would make informed choices, learning from our experiences. Or so we hope!

Digimon ReArise Beginners Guide

Game Modes

  • Story
  • Raid (Clash Battle)
  • Battle Park
  • Towerclimb (Underworld)
  • Story Event
  • Community Raid
  • Special Event Raid
  • Jijimon Quests


Digimon ReArise has a clan system. Each clan can have a maximum of 40 members. If at least 25 members check in daily, every member ears a Stamina Potion.  Furthermore, every day you can also claim free stamina, double the number of the present clan members, excluding yourself. Thus 40 members would earn you a total of 78 stamina.

These fellow clan members are also helpful during raids and farm events. They can also help you ‘Rub your DigiEggs’. This would make them hatch quicker. Active clans can be found on Discord.

In-Game Currency

  • Bits
  • Rubies
  • CB Medal
  • BP Medal
  • DigiOrb
  • Social Point
  • Event Currency


There are just a couple of things about your Digimon that you would want to focus on, Friendship Level and Mood.

  • Friendship can be increased by feeding your Digimon. This factor plays a crucial part in Digivolving them. You need 20 friendship level to digivolve into a champion /ultimate and 60 ultimate/mega. At level 99 you would be able to unlock the 6th slot for Digimon’s equipment/plugin.
  • Mood can also be increased/improved by feeding. Although, fair warning, it decreases gradually over time. A Digimon battling with a good mood earns higher rewards as well as more crit/block/counters. Subtle, yet still there.

Digimon Stats

  • HP
  • DEF
  • SPEED (attack speeds in manual mode)

In addition to these there are some “Hidden Stats” that include:

  • Critical hit – multiplies damage dealt by 1.5x
  • Block – reduces damage by 50%
  • Extra attack – launch 2 consecutive auto-attack
  • Counterattack – counter with an auto-attack
  • Lock-on – your Digimon will lock on to a target with low health and focus fire on it.

These hidden stats have a base percentage for each Digimon. This can be further improved by using plugins.

Status Effects

  • Disables – Sleep, Stun, Shock, Freeze, Paralysis
  • Semi Disables – Darkness, Skill Seal
  • Damage over Time (DoT) – Poison, Error, Burn


To evolve your Digimon, you must first beat Act 3 Chapter 3 to meet up with Dorumon. After returning to the main menu, a series of missions will progress the player through the steps needed in order to Digivolve.

The steps are:

  • The Digimon must be leveled up to their cap designated on their profile
  • The Digimon must be awakened to their maximum level cap and workouts must be completed to awaken them. In order to complete workouts, you need items acquired through the Dimensional Vortex
  • The Digimon must be at maximum mood level. You can increase this through DigiCare (feed them from the main menu) or Walk
  • Items must be obtained to unlock Digivolution through Clash Battles

Auto Gameplay

Another feature available in Digimon ReArise is Auto Gameplay. Just click auto and the game will do everything. There are options to auto-cast skills and auto-cast friendship skills as well.

In auto mode, your healers will not heal. Instead, they will heal when any of the team members pass 50% HP or lower. So sometimes, a single Digimon got <50% HP can waste a full AoE heal.

If you choose to go manual, and you sometimes need to, your Digimons will auto-attack as they wish and you cannot control that. Heal will not trigger at all in Manual.

What you can control is skill order. You can tap the skill icons up to 3 times, denoted with numbers 1, 2, 3 and your Digimon will use the skills in that particular order.

Team Building

Team composition varies for PvE and PvP since in PvE you just want to deal as much damage as you can while in PvP, you need to have some strategy to beat your opponent.

As for PvP, for now just focus on Multi-target attacks and spreading status effects. There are not many Digimons in the game yet so not much strategy can be formed anyway.

As a final note, you can also go through the tutorials that pack in a ton of information. We could have missed some details and that is where the tutorials act as supplements, contributing to your game knowledge.

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