Did Sony Really Trademark the PS Vita 3000 in Japan?

Many publications have been reporting that Sony filed a trademark for a new PS Vita model in Japan. Speculations suggested that Sony is close to announcing the PlayStation Vita 3000.

The source of the news was a Tweet from a Japanese trademark reporting bot. The buzz around the internet led many to assume that we could see a new model at this year’s E3. While that is a possibility, a new report suggests that this trademark has nothing to do with it.

In the trademark, there is mentioning of a word “(位置商標),” this means positional trademark. The trademark isn’t about a design, but related to the position of an element within said product.

PS Vita

The image you see above is from the trademark filing of the much speculated PS Vita 3000. The bot only shared part of the information which led to the confusion. However, if you dig the full description of the trademark, things become pretty clear.

The description revealed that the filing is related to a three-dimensional position of the face buttons on PlayStation Vita. In the image above, the part displayed using dashed lines are just an example to show the handhelds’ design, so they are not a part of the trademark.


The only part that is displayed with solid lines is the face buttons section of the device. The port you see on the left was speculated to be an HDMI out, but as it turns out it’s just a slot for the sim.

The only difference we can see is the shape of Select, Start and PS Buttons. Instead of being oval, they are now round.

This will surely be disappointing for fans who wanted to see an HDMI-out or an LTE model of PlayStation Vita. Still, you never know Sony could be up to something.

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