DICE LA Confirmed to be Working on a EA Owned Game, Battlefield 6 or Something Else?

It’s official. DICE LA is working on a new Battlefield game, coming back to the franchise. It might not be an official announcement either but we’ll get whatever we can at this point. Senior Designer Justin Wiebe recently confirmed that the studio is working on a new addition to the franchise. With rumors about Battlefield 6 boiling right now, it only makes sense for DICE LA to drop a hint and have fans looking for an imminent announcement.

The hint comes from Twitter, where Wiebe comically announced that DICE is working on a new Battlefield game. He kindly asked fans to guess what game he is working on right now. After following a trail of franchises that are not the subject of his project he spilled the beans. It’s Battlefield. Most possibly, it’s Battlefield 6.

DICE LA has a long history with the Battlefield franchise. It comes as no surprise that the team wants to create new games and not just supporting them. After the arrival of Vince Zambella, the studio is looking at a rebrand and a big opportunity in active development.

What do we know about Battlefield 6 right now? For starters, rumors want the game to be cross-gen and available on Xbox One and Playstation 4.

Note that this isn’t an official announcement and you shouldn’t take it for granted right now. For what it’s worth it’s still early to lock suck big franchises out of the previous generation since a large portion of its player base still hasn’t gotten their hands on a next-gen console yet.

In addition, EA confirmed that when Battlefield 6 releases, they want to give it a strong focus on its live service side. During the same earnings call, EA made clear that Battlefield 6 will include fully destructible buildings and its maps will be of “unprecedented” scale. This doesn’t come as a surprise since the new consoles offer more options for developers. However, it does come as a contradiction with the rumor that the game will be available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One too.

For what it’s worth, it’s still early to say anything for sure. It’s still a big hype to find out that a new Battlefield game is in development. Whatever its name and settings, DICE LA will make sure that it’s up to par with the expectations.

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