Diane Kruger Denies Her Involvement in Death Stranding

Death Stranding has been on a wild goose chase to find exactly who is the female lead in the game? Suspects are Emma Stone, Stefanie Joosten, and very recently we had Diane Kruger added to the list. However, while there were very strong evidence that suggested her involvement in the project, she has publicly denied all speculations from the community.

Posting on her social media, where the speculations and rumors originated, she clarified that while she is a fan of Hideo Kojima and his work, she is not a part of Death Stranding.

Her post accompanied the hashtag “eventhoughImabigfanImnotpartofDeathStranding.” It came as a shock to the community who was convinced of her role in Hideo Kojima’s next. She posted a number of pictures with Kojima and was recently spotted with both Kojima and Norman Reedus.

All of this led fans to believe that she is going to be a part of the game. Unfortunately, that is not the case which brings us back to our originals, Emma Stone and Stefanie Joosten.

Both are prime candidates right now but nothing is made official. Keeping fans engaged with rumors and speculations is part of Kojima’s marketing game. With each new release, an elaborate trail of breadcrumbs is laid out for fans to follow and crack the code.

For now, we have been unable to establish anything concrete but since Death Stranding’s E3 showcase is only a couple of months away, we may see more hints dropped around the internet. Keep an eye out for anything related to Death Stranding.

Death Stranding is rumored for later this year on PS4 and PS4 Pro.

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